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Jan 31st
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Home Global Activities Europe In Poland, Tzu Chi Inspires Ukrainian to Spread Love in Homeland

In Poland, Tzu Chi Inspires Ukrainian to Spread Love in Homeland

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In the Polish city of Poznan, Tzu Chi completed its last distribution, bringing to an end the first phase of its mission there. Its 78 distributions benefited nearly 23,000 Ukrainian care recipients in Poland and many were inspired to harbor kind thoughts to spread great love.

During the last distribution, everyone was so reluctant to part from each other and looked forward to seeing each other again in Tzu Chi.

The Translator, the Bridge

During the distributions, for both Tzu Chi volunteers and Ukrainians, a very important bridge was the translator, who overcame the language barrier.

Hala, a Ukrainian volunteer, assisted in the translation and greatly helped Tzu Chi. After the last distribution, she was going back to Lviv, Ukraine.

Hala expressed her gratitude to Tzu Chi: “You gave a big support and hugs to all Ukrainians.”

It was so hard to bid Hala farewell. Polish volunteer Lukasz wished Hala well: “Have a safe and happy trip home. And please don’t cry, or we all will cry.”

Hala hugged the other volunteer and comforted her: “You know, if you need any help, you can find me.” And then she hugged everyone with gratitude.

Hala received a lot of love and blessings and made a wish: “I will tell all my relatives and friends about what Taiwan (Tzu Chi) has done for Ukrainians.”

When a reporter asked her: “Are you going to become Tzu Chi’s first volunteer in Ukraine?” She replied with a firm smile: “Exactly! I will be the first one.”

Seeing Hala make such a good wish, Polish volunteer Shu Er Chang said: “We will continue to pave the great path for Tzu Chi, and invite more people to join our ranks. We walk the same direction on this Bodhisattva Path (to spread great love and help more people).”

In each distribution, Tzu Chi planted seeds of loving kindness. Hopefully, in the near future, the war will end and Ukrainians can rebuild their homes with love.

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