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Oct 02nd
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Home Global Activities Oceania Grand Opening of the Tzu Chi Jing Si Hall in Gold Coast

Grand Opening of the Tzu Chi Jing Si Hall in Gold Coast

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At the first glimmering of light upon Tzu Chi Jing Si Hall in Gold Coast, Australia, the simple, grayish building with gabled roof shone at the ray of the morning sun, praising the spirit of humanity in silence. All were touched beyond words by the once desolated land now turned into a cultivated spiritual ground.

Approval of Tzu Chi’s Contributions
Symbolizing the opening of doors to the goodness, the Australian Tzu Chi volunteers stepped out of the Jing Si Hall and stepped into the land spread with the seeds of goodness. The 16 honored guests jointly pulled the ribbons that represent the Tzu Chi eight dharma footprints and the four missions, marking the official grand opening of the Tzu Chi Jing Si Hall in Gold Coast, Australia.

Many thanks goes to Sister Angela, former Mayor, director of Tzu Chi global volunteers Stephen Huang, the CEO Of the Tzu Chi Australian chapter Ya-Ying Ji, the Dharma Masters, and the local residents to witness the moment. Shortly after, the spectators were ushered into the auditorium. The director of the Tzu Chi Gold Coast office, Qing-xuan Wen, expressed his appreciation to the guests, including the former Mayor, legislative council members, Tzu Chi volunteers and members, as well as all who attended the grand opening. Special thanks are also given to Dharma Master Cheng Yen, for giving Tzu Chi volunteers a place of spiritual growth.

Ya-Ying Ji of the Australian chapter read out the message of greetings from Dharma Master Cheng Yen. Master anticipates Tzu Chi volunteers to cultivate the land of blessing, improve each and every moment with diligence, and invite more and more people to participate in the volunteer work.

The former Mayor expressed his delight for the completion of the Jing Si Hall as well as the contributions made by the Tzu Chi volunteers. Mr. Song conveyed his gratitude towards the Tzu Chi volunteers for the efforts made to improve the environment and to help the local residents. Sister Angela praised that Dharma Master Cheng Yen has converged the hearts of Tzu Chi volunteers globally to comfort the sick and the poor and eliminate disasters and diseases with goodness and kindness.

Tzu Chi’s Great Love Touches Hearts
CNN and CTI TV film clips showed the reports on Tzu Chi volunteers’ relief efforts in Taiwan. Reports showed that Tzu Chi is usually the first to arrive at a disaster site and the last to leave.

Director Stephen Huang, who has been traveling around the world for various relieve works, shared his experiences with the audience. He emphasized that the work of Tzu Chi, following the steps of Dharma Master Cheng Yen, is to practice compassion with wisdom. He highlighted that we should hold nature in reference as humans have witnessed how the constant disasters, the disequilibrium of the Four Elements (earth, water, fire, air) and the unusual weather conditions have all brought unspeakable sufferings to the world. The inspiring speech had touched the hearts of audiences. Director Stephen Huang and Sister Angela then led the crowd to give prayers in unity: to assemble our good thoughts, to pray for no sufferings or disasters, and to give blessings to the sufferers.

At the end of the ceremony, many audiences wished to become volunteers, while many made donations and became members. One Iranian-Australian was especially moved by Tzu Chi’s relief work in Iran and what Tzu Chi has done for his country, so he signed up to be a volunteer immediately after the ceremony.

Written by: Tzu Chi of Australia
Translated by: Lulu Koung, Grace Chen, Lucy Lee
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