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May 30th
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Inauguration of Jing Si Hall in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Tzu Chi has done good deeds and spread love to 11 countries in Africa. On June 19, volunteers from five countries attended the inauguration of the Jing Si Hall in Johannesburg, South Africa. Local Buddhist elders also came to give their blessings to this solemn cultivation ground.


This is the first Jing Si Hall in Africa and it is also the 30th year of Tzu Chi’s presence in South Africa.

Master Hui Xing of Nan Hua Temple in Fo Guang Shan said: "Seeing such a solemn Jing Si Hall, I want to express my heartfelt feelings: We dedicate it to the glory of the Buddha, and we dedicate its success to the public."

Tania Campbell, Mayor of Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg said: "The Jing Si Hall is built in the city of Ekurhuleni, and Ekurhuleni means place of peace." This is an interesting coincidence, because, in Chinese, Jing Si means meditation.

Tzu Chi volunteers from all over South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswatini, and Mozambique gathered to give their blessings and share the joy.

Mumsy Simelane, a Tzu Chi Eswatini volunteer who came to participate in the ceremony, was inspired: "For me, I will constantly motivate myself and work hard to help Africa."

Good Affinity of Tzu Chi and South Africa

Three decades ago, many Taiwanese people went to South Africa to do business. As this became stable, they wanted to give back to the community, so they started the work of Tzu Chi in the country.

Those Taiwanese businessmen were Shi Hong-qi (施鴻祺) , Huang Ding-lin (黃丁霖), Michael Pan (潘明水), Zhang Min-hui (張敏輝), Wu Guo-rong (吳國榮), and several others. Before they joined Tzu Chi, they did not know each another.

Master Cheng Yen, founder of Tzu Chi, often reminded them that, as they use local resources, they should give back and help the local poor. This group of volunteers have followed this instruction and put it into action.

They had the aspiration, and with this came strength. It is truly not easy for Tzu Chi volunteers to invite local residents to volunteer in South Africa. But, through giving themselves sincerely, they planted the seeds of Tzu Chi in the country. They have transformed the lives of the poor there and made them spiritually rich. They have passed onto them the wisdom of Tzu Chi about life.

Become Someone Who can Help People

It is possible to inspire love, but it is hard to change poverty in Africa. People may be poor financially, but, through continuous encouragement and guidance, they have become people who can help others. Despite living in hardship, people give their love and the wealth of their spirituality has been awakened.

Tzu Chi South African volunteers became self-reliant and developed a Great Love vegetable garden. The harvested vegetables are used for community care and provide hot food for the poor, the sick, the orphans and the old and young. The Great Love vegetable garden really has done a good job of helping the needy, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, on May 27, 2022, Tzu Chi South Africa cooperated with the Ministry of Social Welfare to provide 1,000 disadvantaged families with rice and cold-proof materials in Johannesburg.

Such is the power of love. This was brought by those businessmen from Taiwan who emigrated there and did their best to help and transform those who were suffering.

Spread Love across Borders

More than 10 years ago, as the Tzu Chi seeds matured, the volunteers decided to venture out of South Africa and into other African countries to do charity work. It has been a long journey, and they have been determined throughout. Now they are getting older, but are still serving the community and have not retired.

Around 2012 -- Tzu Chi senior volunteer in South Africa led local volunteers to form an international volunteer team to care for people in neighboring countries. From Eswatini to Mozambique to accompany and care for the local volunteers.

Tzu Chi volunteers always remember their initial aspiration. Through years of hard work, they have diligently spread love to people in need in nine countries in Southern Africa. Their power of love is very passionate, and they will continue to give of themselves there.

Tzu Chi’s wisdom about life has been passed on to South Africa. Hopefully, the younger generation of Tzu Chi who are successful in their businesses can pass on the value and spirit of Tzu Chi to future generations.

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