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Mar 31st
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Home Global Activities Africa Groundbreaking Ceremony of Mozambique’s Largest Secondary School

Groundbreaking Ceremony of Mozambique’s Largest Secondary School

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Because of Cyclone Idai in 2019, a deep affinity was formed between Tzu Chi and Mozambique. The Foundation launched a construction aid program in the country, from disaster relief to charity, medicine and education, after the disaster.


June 16 was an important day -- the groundbreaking ceremony of ESG Mafambisse.  Located in Dondo County, Sofala province, it is one of the 23 local schools that Tzu Chi is helping to construct. It will be the largest secondary school in Mozambique.

The governor of Sofala province, county governor and two ministers -- Education and Engineering Construction -- officials of the reconstruction company, the school students, and Tzu Chi volunteers all came to witness the ceremony.

Tzu Chi plans to help build 60 classrooms, which will expand the scope of education the school provides. The blessing ceremony for the groundbreaking on June 16 was broadcast live on the internet, so that the Tzu Chi Foundation members and masters at Jing Si Abode in Taiwan could witness it together.

Education is the hope of mankind. Through education, a difficult life can be turned into a wise life. Tzu Chi looks forward to cultivating more righteous students with righteous thoughts. They will then become the positive power of Mozambique and bring more beauty and goodness to the world.

Back in 2013, Tzu Chi volunteers Denise Tsai and her husband Dino Foi, Representative Tzu Chi Charity Foundation Mozambique, brought the Tzu Chi spirit to Mozambique. They continued to recruited many local volunteers.

In 2019, after Cyclone Idai struck Mozambique, some of the Tzu Chi Mozambican volunteers moved into the disaster area to help their affected compatriots to rebuild their hometown.

The Foundation immediately sent emergency relief supplies such as food, building materials, farming seed packages and stationery, benefiting nearly 200,000 people.

So this good affinity was created over several years. Now the local volunteers actively cultivate many Great Love vegetable gardens and use the harvest to help the needy in the community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The love and wisdom from Tzu Chi have passed on to the hearts of Mozambican volunteers and will be handed on to future generations.

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