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Jan 28th
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Home News Room Press Release In Taiwan, Tzu Chi & Carrefour Sign MOU To Provide Emergency Relief

In Taiwan, Tzu Chi & Carrefour Sign MOU To Provide Emergency Relief

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The typhoon season is approaching. In order to prepare disaster relief operations ahead of schedule, on June 22, Tzu Chi Foundation and Carrefour, a large-scale retailer, signed an MOU to provide jointly relief for emergencies.

Due to climate change, major disasters are frequent, and residents in the disaster-stricken areas are in urgent need of relief materials and assistance. Once a disaster occurs, Carrefour will provide Tzu Chi with 5,000 relief packages throughout the year, and will assist in transporting them to the disaster site for Tzu Chi to hold distributions.

Po-Wen Yen, CEO of Tzu Chi Charity Foundation, said: "After a major disaster, many affected people have nothing. They need at once these daily necessities, and they will be delivered to the disaster area quickly and in time. It is a great help.”

Marilyn Su, CEO of the Carrefour Cultural and Educational Foundation, said: "Carrefour in Taiwan now has 68 mass-market stores, nearly 300 supermarkets, many mobile supermarkets, delivery trucks, and a complete network of logistics and suppliers. So we absolutely can provide help. According to the demand, we will provide different logistics resources.”

In the relief package, there are towels, toothpaste, alcohol wipes, shower gels, cereals, and other daily necessities. In the event of a disaster in Taiwan, Tzu Chi will send them to the affected people to meet their urgent needs.

Tzu Chi and Carrefour cooperate with each other for the common good. Through the disaster relief network and comprehensive material logistics system, a maximum of humanitarian relief can be delivered. The cycle of kindness and love will always surround and support people in need.


" A person with a generous heart and compassion for all beings leads the most blessed life. "
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