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Feb 03rd
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Home Global Activities Asia Tzu Chi’s Love and Care for Syrians Extends from Jordan to Canada

Tzu Chi’s Love and Care for Syrians Extends from Jordan to Canada

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Najila, a lawyer and single mother of Syrian refugees, fled to Jordan in 2011 with her only daughter Lana, her mother, and the family of her brother. However, her daughter's hearing was damaged by the bombing of the plane. At that time, she sold all her gold and household goods in an attempt to find assistance -- but no charity organization was willing to help her. In April 2014, Najila found Tzu Chi and became one of its long-term charity care recipient.

Tzu Chi Jordan Branch launched a series of Peace-and-Mind Care Plans based on Najila’s condition and needs. In May 2014, they began by distributing emergency relief funds and material supply. In June 2014, Tzu Chi provided Lana with a medical examination, and hearing aids and a sponsor for Special Education in Amman. In 2015, finally she developed her ability from only speaking in a single tone to being able to listen, speak and write!

On January 27, 2016, Najila and her daughter Lana were allowed to emigrate to Canada as refugees. Sister Hana arranged a farewell party for them at home. At the time, lawyer Najila said: "I don’t know how to express my feelings. Thanks to Tzu Chi, for the past two and a half years, its members have provided monthly support and milk to make our life stable and free of worries. The most important thing is to assist my daughter in medical treatment and sponsor special education tuition. Now my happy daughter can speak and hear. Tzu Chi volunteers are like my family!"

Although it has been five years, Tzu Chi Jordan Branch continues to care about Najila and Lana. Through WhatsApp, Tzu Chi volunteers Sister Abeer A.M. Madanat and Sister Hana who cared for them in the beginning, finally connected with them in 2021. Again, love knows no borders! The love and care extends 9,743 km away across borders! What a miracle of humanity!

By Chiou Hwa Chen and Joyce Chen / Buddhist Tzu Chi Jordan Branch

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