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Dec 10th
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Tzu Chi Adds Community Learning Centers in Lumbini, Nepal

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In 1997, UNESCO designated Lumbini in Nepal as a World Cultural Heritage Site. The local villagers have a low level of education, and most only complete middle school. Lumbini is the place where the Buddha was born around the year 563 B.C.


How can Tzu Chi improve the situation of the villagers? Only education and people with a compassionate heart can achieve this.  Step by step, little by little, Tzu Chi volunteers in Malaysia and Singapore have constantly formed teams to care for the needy in Lumbini.

Inspire Kindness with Spirit of Bamboo Bank

Since a strong earthquake in 2015 in Nepal, Tzu Chi volunteers have continued to care for the needy in Nepal and organize free clinics and distributions with local volunteers.

Bhikkhu Maitri, founder of the International Buddhist Society (IBS) has worked in Lumbini for many years and started charity work in the 1990s. In order to improve the education and health of the villagers, the IBS set up community learning centers and free clinics.

In June 2022, Bhikkhu Maitri responded that Master Cheng Yen's concept of "Great Education". Starting at the Free Clinic Centre, he invited Tzu Chi volunteers to share the spirit of the Foundation’s Bamboo Banks, saving coins to help people in need. They replaced the bamboo bank with a PET bottle, inspiring everyone to think of kindness in the Free Clinic Centre.

Adarsh Community Learning Center in Lumbini

A charitable organization donated seven computers to the Adarsh Community Learning Center in Lumbini. Residents wanted to start a computer class, but were unable to hire teachers.

After the Tzu Chi volunteers conducted an evaluation, the Foundation subsidized the teaching expenses for one year, hired teachers, and finally started classes. On August 21, the volunteers witnessed the opening of the computer tutoring class.

Stationery Distribution in Madhubani

On August 21, the Tzu Chi volunteer care team came to the Madhubani Community Learning Center. They interacted with the schoolchildren and distributed school bags, student uniforms, water bottles, soap and toothpaste, and umbrellas.

The Madhubani Community Learning Center was the first pre-school education center subsidized by Tzu Chi in Lumbini in October 2021. In the center, children learn meditation and good hygiene habits and hear stories about principles.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Nepal was severe. Bhikkhu Maitri cooperated with Tzu Chi to organize community training. By sewing cloth masks to increase residents' protection and income, a total of 170,000 masks were completed and distributed to 176 schools and 21 organizations.

Manisha was one of those who received the benefits. She earned tuition through the cloth mask-making program to continue her 12th grade. She also worked as a teaching assistant in the pre-school education course of the Madhubani Community Learning Center.

A Sonbaha Farmer Provides Land to Build Classrooms

Education is the hope of the society. A local farmer, Mr. Ram Manoj, wanted to support Khudabagar Tzu Chi in conducting pre-school education in Sonbaha Village. He provided land for the Foundation to build simple classrooms as a community learning center.

This is not the first time Ram Manoj has supported education. He has donated land to build Khudabagar Adarsh College, which is affiliated to the Tribhuvan University of Nepal.

In September, when construction of the learning center started in Sonbaha, villagers were so happy and eager to have a place to study. Tzu Chi called on villagers to help the construction work. Even children in the village wanted to contribute their efforts. We believe that, in the near future, the sound of reading will fill the entire learning center.

Time can accomplish everything. Seeing Ram Manoj’s generosity and the diligence of Sonbaha villagers, we see the hope of Lumbini.

Chief of Bhagwanpur Supports Education

The Chief of Bhagwanpur gave Tzu Chi the greatest support by providing land next to its office so that it could build a community learning center for the residents. The villagers look forward to the pre-school education classes in Bhagwanpur. When the site was surveyed, the village committee and all the villagers attended the event, to show their care for the project.

In 2022, Tzu Chi has subsidized and helped to build three pre-school education centers, in Madhubani, Khudabagar, and Bhagawanpur. Now pre-school courses in Madhubani Community Learning Center have already started. In the near future, children in Khudabagar and Bhagawanpur will also go to pre-school.

Sincerely, we hope all the children in the world can have meals and receive proper education.

Education is the hope of our world. Let us extend our helping hands to those people in need and make the world better.

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