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Jan 31st
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Home Global Activities Taiwan After Earthquake, Tzu Chi Volunteers Help Elderly Repair Water Pipes in Yuli

After Earthquake, Tzu Chi Volunteers Help Elderly Repair Water Pipes in Yuli

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"The most painful thing is that the water pipe is broken and there is no water available!" After the 0918 earthquake, 80-year-old Mr. Wei had to go to the train station to use the toilet; to take a bath, he went to the Antong Hot Spring Hotel (安通溫泉旅館); and, to brush his teeth and wash his face every day, he had to fetch water from his neighbor. For drinking water, he depended on bottled water. For a whole week, his life was like that.

His troubles were only solved when Ms. Zhou, in charge of the community water supply, found someone to help him repair the plastic water pipe.

"Thank you for helping Mr. Wei clean up his house," said Mr. Wei’s neighbor.

On October 3, Tzu Chi volunteers from the central region came to survey, and began the repair work the next day (10/4). On seeing this, the neighbor, who was in quarantine at home because of COVID-19, expressed his gratitude to the volunteers through the window.

Father and Son Contribute Together

The Tzu Chi Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Hualien County Government to jointly assist reconstruction of the houses damaged by the 0918 Chishang Earthquake. Volunteers from all over Taiwan have been arriving in Yuli since the end of September to carry out survey and repair work. Every day, more than 100 volunteers devote themselves to the remote parts of the disaster-stricken area and serve the affected villagers.

On October 3, Lin Qiu-ben, who works in maintenance contracting projects, and his 22-year-old son, Lin Yu-xun, joined together to redraw the water pipes of the water tower for Mr. Wei. "Brother, thank you!" Mr. Wei has always been grateful to the volunteers! To his surprise, the volunteers who came to help him repair the water pipes and repair floors came from as far away from Taichung and Nantou.

It is more than 400 kilometers from Taichung to Yuli. Lin Yu-xun was worried that his father was driving alone. Lin Qiu-ben also hoped that his son will visit the disaster area. The efforts of the father and son in the disaster area are legendary. Lin Qiu-ben is a member of the pipeline team of the Tzu Chi International Medicine Association. He often helps out in free clinics in Taiwan. He hopes one day to hand over his business to his son, so that he can concentrate on Tzu Chi volunteer work.

After volunteers Xu Shu-lan and Zeng Ming-song repaired the damaged water tower and the water tower frame, Lin Qiu-ben connected the last section of the water pipe to the water tower, and immediately asked his son to go downstairs to turn on the switch. Within a few minutes, the water flowed from the tower into Mr Wei’s house. The problem which had bothered him so much was finally solved.

Let Us Fill the World with Love

After the earthquake on September 18, Tzu Chi surveyed the damage done to the houses. Volunteers have been there for nearly half a month. They visit the households during the day and, in the evening, hold meetings. They seize every moment to do more good deeds.

They aim not to let time slip by. Because they want to support Tzu Chi, and want to serve with love, they go actively among people and help them.

Join Tzu Chi! Let us fill the world with love.

Article by Shi Jin-yu in Yuli 2022/10/04


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