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Mar 29th
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Tzu Chi Brings Peace of Mind to Those Hit by Earthquake

Tzu Chi Brings Peace of Mind to Those Hit by Earthquake

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Mr Li is one of those affected by the 0918 Chishang Earthquake in eastern Taiwan. Worried, he said: “I really don’t know what to do.”

Qiu Miao-ru: “It's okay, you're not alone, aren't we here?”


Aftermath Home Visit

After the 0918 Chishang Earthquake, social workers of the Tzu Chi Foundation conducted home visits one by one according to the disaster damage list provided by the Hualien County Government. They distributed blessing gifts according to the damage and living needs of the families and, at the same time, found out whether long-term assistance was needed.

Qiu Miao-ru, director of the Eastern Social Welfare Office of Tzu Chi Charity Development Office, said: "In the aftermath of the earthquake, we will find that, when a house is damaged, most of the residents will not live there. So we must first call to confirm and make an appointment with them.”

After the volunteers arranged their route, they immediately started home visits. They crossed the fields and entered the areas where the Aboriginal people live. They kept approaching the affected people.

We Are Here

Qiu Miao-ru said to house owner Mr. Li, "We will cooperate with the government to see if there is anything Tzu Chi can do to help."

Mr. Li described the moment of the earthquake: "At that time, the crack was as far as the house next door, and the wall was slanted."

The roof of his home is made of bamboo and the house is at least 60 years old. Although it is old, it has sustained Mr Li’s soul for these many years. It was seriously damaged by the earthquake. He could not hide the sadness in his heart.

Qiu Miao-ru comforted him: "Firstly, you settle down and have a place where you can sleep and eat well, so that you can have the strength to think about how to rebuild your home, right?"

Worried, Mr. Li said: “I really don’t know what to do.”

Qiu Miao-ru said: “It's okay, you're not alone, aren't we here?”

Deliver Blessings

Volunteers brought the love of Tzu Chi people around the world and left Mr. Li with warmth and determination to persevere.

After leaving Mr. Li's house, the caring team continued on their way to deliver blessings. When they came to the area occupied by Aboriginal people, they found engineers demolishing a dilapidated building.

The Tzu Chi Foundation cooperated with the Hualien County Government to conduct home visits and care for the residents of the houses damaged by the strong earthquake. During the visits, the volunteers learnt of the extent of the damage and the life of the family who lived in the home.

The Catholic Church, the center of faith of Aboriginal people, is also scarred, and the road to reconstruction is still very long. Volunteers brougt warmth, bit by bit, hoping to mend every broken heart.

Take the Initiative to Help

Every time there is a major disaster, Tzu Chi volunteers in their uniform will come from everywhere to serve. They always take the initiative to help with sincere love those affected by disasters.

After the earthquake of September 18, the CEO and deputy CEOs of the Tzu Chi Foundation, as well as the staff, the social workers, and the staff from the construction department, visited every house in the disaster area to make an assessment.

Volunteers from northern, central, and southern Taiwan were assigned in shifts and went to the disaster area. Until today, they are still there to repair roofs and ceilings, and restore interior and exterior walls. They are taking care of everything.

Life is truly impermanent, and the land is fragile. Join Tzu Chi and let us bring our sincere love to the world.

Huang Wen-qi and Liu Hong-zhi report from Hualien

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