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Jan 31st
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Home Global Activities America In U.S., Tzu Chi Packs Warm Quilts for Ukrainians

In U.S., Tzu Chi Packs Warm Quilts for Ukrainians

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Ukraine is about to enter a cold winter. A charitable donor in the Tzu Chi Headquarters in the United States provided 40 quilts. He wanted to help Ukrainian refugees whose homes were destroyed by the war, and he hoped that they would have a warm winter during this most difficult time. Let them know that they are not alone and there are kind people in the world who care and love them very much.



On September 24, volunteers came to the courtyard of the Headquarters on the weekend. They unpacked the quilts one by one, removed the labels and fixed nails in the quilts, and carefully checked whether the quilts were in good condition. Then they folded them back again and packed them into a bag, attached a Tzu Chi label, moved them to the pallet, and waited for all the materials to be ready. They will be taken by air to the border of Ukraine and Poland as soon as possible, so that Ukrainians can feel the warmth and infinite care from Tzu Chi in the freezing weather.

Volunteer Xia Ji-huan was responsible for the overall planning and operation of all materials. He came to the courtyard early in the morning to prepare the assembly lines and materials to be packed.

He said: "I am very grateful for the quilts provided by the donor this time. We have finished sorting the quilts. After that, the next step is to prepare winter clothes for the refugees. I have been a volunteer recycling clothes for seven years. Sometimes, when faced with trivial and complicated materials, I inevitably feel reluctant. However, when thinking that people who need supplies are getting help, I always feel very gratified in my heart. This is the main motivation for me to keep working hard.”

Relay of Love

Volunteer Shen Song-hua was responsible for unpacking the boxes and taking out the quilts. She said: "The Russian-Ukrainian war has been going on for seven months since the start of the war on February 24. Most Ukrainians lost their homes and were displaced. It is very hard. Everyone feels sad for them. Now the weather is getting colder and colder. Soon the country will be covered by snow and it will be freezing cold. So the Tzu Chi Foundation gathered everyone’s love and prepared warm quilts to send warmth to Poland.”

She hoped that the Ukrainian refugees could feel the care and love, and be able to live through this cold winter warmly and overcome the difficulties of life.

Volunteer Shi Zhong-zao has experienced the plight of lack of supplies. He could understand the dilemma, and felt happy and lucky that he could devote himself to the Ukrainian refugees during the holidays.

The packing work, which lasted from morning until 4:00 pm, was divided into two shifts. Volunteers could choose the morning or afternoon shift according to their schedule and physical strength. Several volunteers persevered for the entire day, and their spirit is admirable.

Volunteer Oyama Shizumi, 83 years old this year, is about to return to Japan. She worked for six hours in a row. Not only did she move neatly but she also did not complain about being tired. She said: "I am grateful to Tzu Chi for providing such a good opportunity. Everyone comes to practice and give. I will do my best as long as I have time. It is because ‘Just do the right thing’ is my motto."

For the afternoon shift, Tzu Chi Youth volunteers continued the relay. Liang Cheng-yu assisted in pulling out the nails on the quilt packaging. He said, "My job today is to remove the nails, so that the quilts can be easily opened and distributed. I think it is joyful to be able to help others. War is terrifying. It destroyed many families and killed people. If everyone harbors good thoughts, the world will be peaceful without war.”

Tzu Chi volunteers show their compassion for the innocent people who are suffering from the war. They want to support the frontline volunteers for the refugees and provide enough supplies. They want to send this care to the suffering areas to help the refugees through the winter of their life.

Uninterrupted love is the strength that the world needs. Please join the rank of Tzu Chi volunteers to fill the world with the warmth of love.

Article: Luo Shu-li; Report From U.S. Headquarters 2022/10/15

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