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Mar 30th
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Tzu Chi Holds 30 Tuition Aid Ceremonies in Taiwan

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In 2022, the Tzu Chi Foundation held more than 30 tuition aid award ceremonies in Taiwan at which about 9,500 students received awards. The first ceremony was held on October 16 at the Kaohsiung Jing Si Hall. More than 700 students from elementary school, middle school, high school, and college received praise.


Tuition Aid Program

Education is the hope for a child's future, a powerful tool to purify people's hearts and guide society, and a springboard to help disadvantaged families escape from poverty. For this reason, Tzu Chi established a tuition aid program.

During their care visits to households in Taiwan, Tzu Chi volunteers pay attention to the educational problems in disadvantaged families to whom they provide aid and care. Tzu Chi cares for them with love and wishes this group of diligent students a successful life in the future.

The awards are divided into five categories -- attendance, filial piety, progress, field of study and special performance awards. Students are encouraged to perform well in different aspects such as academics, family ethics and areas of expertise; at the same time, they should be responsible for themselves and have full attendance in school, while those who have made significant progress in behavior and their studies also receive Tzu Chi's praise and encouragement.

The Foundation said that Tzu Chi has provided disadvantaged students with educational subsidies for a long time, so that they can go to school with peace of mind. However, it found that, although some children have gone to school, they have no motivation to study and have poor grades.

The Foundation decided that, in addition to the subsidy, it also needs to give more encouragement to motivate those students to be kind and make progress. So, since 2007, on the basis of love as the foundation and morality as the priority, "Tzu Chi's Tuition Aid” has been established to encourage children who are learning in difficult circumstances to be attentive to study, grow, and thrive like new buds -- so they all can become trees and enjoy a bright future.

The Award Ceremony

Since its inception in 2010, the Tzu Chi Kaohsiung Tuition Aid Award Ceremony has been held for 13 years. In 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the award ceremony was suspended and the scholarship was distributed on a door-to-door basis. In 2022, since the pandemic has eased, the physical award ceremony was resumed.

During the ceremony, volunteers played videos of Tzu Chi activities and Tzu Chi songs for the positive energy they bring. We hope such images and sounds will encourage the students to improve themselves, and become more kind.

By participating in the award ceremony, students and parents have a deeper understanding of Tzu Chi's humanities. They know more about Tzu Chi and identify with it, plant the seeds of kindness in the heart, and become a person who knows, cherishes, and brings blessings. The Foundation hopes to pass on Tzu Chi’s beauty and kindness to all the attendees.

There were specially planned to share inspirational and grateful character models. Two award-winning students from the college group in Kaohsiung came to the stage to talk about their life stories.

At the same time, the ceremony promotes the concept of Master Cheng Yen's teachings with reason and educates them with virtue. It guides students with activities to understand how to respect teachers, be filial to their parents, and implement these virtues in their lives.

Wang Ya-shan

Wang Ya-shan, studying at Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, grew up in a poor family. Her Vietnamese mother worked three jobs at the same time to support her family. In order to relieve her mother's financial pressure, Ya-shan usually paid for her own tuition by doing a part-time job, and also helped to take care of the family.

Unexpectedly, in April this year, her sister died of an acute illness, leaving behind medical debts. Due to its good affinities with Ya-shan, Tzu Chi arrived at this moment to accompany and assist, and set up regular care visits.

Thoughtfully, Ya-shan assisted her mother to take care of the house. She worked as usual during the day and went to school at night, so that her mother could have a little comfort after the loss of her daughter. Although Ya-shan was young and less than 20 years old, she was strong. To show its solidarity and maintain the normal life of the family, Tzu Chi awarded Ya-shan the "Filiality Award".

Volunteers have been so mindful in being there for the children as they grow up, and the children have worked hard as well. The volunteers give their love and care to students in need, as the hope of humanity lies in the future of today’s children.

The power of love is incredible. Join Tzu Chi! Let us contribute together and light up the world with love.


Article: Sunny Yen

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