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Jan 31st
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7th Tzu Chi Forum Focuses on Global Common Good After Pandemic

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The Tzu Chi Foundation held the 7th Tzu Chi Forum at the Jing Si Hall in Xindian, Taipei on October 29 and 30. This year’s theme was the “Global Common Good After the Pandemic: Partnership in Action on Net Zero, Digitalization, and Generations.” Experts, scholars and practitioners in related fields from around the world were invited to exchange and discuss ideas together; to move forward and achieve the common good and peace for all.


After Pandemic

At the end of 2019, COVID-19 spread rapidly around the world. Governments resorted to locking down cities and entire countries to contain the pandemic. The different anti-pandemic strategies have completely changed interpersonal interactions. Restrictions in the movement of people have reduced carbon emissions and accelerated the transition to a “digital society”- digital economy, digital education and digital religion, among others. At the same time, this digitalization has widened the gap between rich and poor, affecting young people’s education and employment. The problems caused by digitalization requires the attention and concerted effort of different generations.



The “Glocalization” caused by digitalization is a global trend. Humanity faces significant challenges that need international, interdisciplinary, interreligious, and intergenerational collaboration to overcome and improve human life and promote personal and environmental health.

Therefore, five keynote speeches, five keynote seminars, youth initiatives, and roundtable forums were planned for the two-day forum to discuss net zero carbon emissions and sustainable solutions, economic development and social justice in the era of pandemics. Also discussed were the digital generation of education, literacy, work, health and human rights, cross-domain actions of faith-based organizations during the pandemic, youth action to build the future, and the future of the earth and generations.


Opening Speech

Po-wen Yen, the CEO of the Foundation, said in his opening speech that the three major consensuses of this year’s forum were the current global extreme climate, global warming and concern about net-zero emissions. He stressed that only through the goal of net-zero emissions can global warming be curbed and natural disasters caused by extreme climates reduced. At the same time, due to these climate problems, disasters, and human factors, many social problems, especially the education gap, the economic gap, and the generation gap after digitization are all issues to which attention must be paid, he said.



Deputy Minister Kao Shien-quey of the National Development Council thanked Tzu Chi for inviting talents from all over the world to make plans for Taiwan's future sustainable development. She pointed out that the abnormal catastrophes caused by the extreme climate had accelerated the specific actions of countries and enterprises to promote net zero carbon emissions. She also said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had caused geopolitical risks to rise sharply and completely changed the rules of the world political and economic order. From the country and the enterprise to the individual, there are many challenges. Therefore, it is hoped that Taiwan will not only have one sacred mountain to protect the country, but everyone must unite to become a group of sacred mountains for this mission.


Stan Shih, founder of Acer, Inc., delivered a speech on the theme of “A Global Movement to Era of Sustainability”. He said that sustainable development was the common goal pursued by everyone. Only by implementing net-zero carbon emissions can we move towards the goal of sustainable development. The so-called “Wangdao” is the leader's way of large and small organizations. "Creating value, balancing interests, and sustainable operations" are the three core beliefs of Wangdao.

Shih said the sustainable development of the earth required net-zero carbon emissions, and the key to the success of net-zero carbon emissions was technology. As to the role that Taiwan can play, today's technology applications are based on semiconductors, and Taiwan is a silicon island of innovation. Therefore, based on existing technologies, Taiwan companies should actively invest in technological innovation and develop effective carbon reduction solutions. This would let the world know that "Taiwan can help", and Taiwan does its part. Taiwan’s position is as a friend of the world and it works for good with the world.


Net Zero and Social Justice

Eugene Chien, chairman and president of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), gave a speech with the title of "Key Elements of Successful Net-Zero Transition". He said that climate change was very challenging. “As we are gradually moving towards the energy transition, the industry transition, a social transition, and a lifestyle change, it takes a full range of measures to ensure we will reach net zero. It not only requires large-scale fund-raising but also needs targeted high-impact climate laws and regulations, technology innovations, and advanced economic models,” he said.

Chien emphasized that, more importantly, social justice should be included in the transition to reach net-zero emission globally. While technology innovations are crucial, financial, political, and economic reconstruction is equally important to achieve it. Similarly, a concept known as “just transition to net zero” helps to ensure that the climate actions and investments required to net zero create a better future for everyone—regardless of who they are.


We have only one Earth, a precious place for all beings to live. Let us practice environmental protection in our daily lives and show our love to Mother Earth with our actions.


Click the links to watch The Seventh Tzu Chi Forum on YouTube.

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10/29 pm【 The Seventh Tzu Chi Forum 】

10/30 am【 The Seventh Tzu Chi Forum 】

10/30 pm【 The Seventh Tzu Chi Forum 】



Article: Sunny Yen; 2022/11/02

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