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Oct 03rd
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Home Global Activities Africa In Mozambique, Tzu Chi distributes Cornmeal to Local Volunteers

In Mozambique, Tzu Chi distributes Cornmeal to Local Volunteers

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Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. Some families live on less than US$1 a day and often starve. The COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war have made life more difficult for Tzu Chi volunteers in Mozambique.

Tzu Chi has launched a food distribution program in Mozambique. It delivered the first tranche to 3,800 volunteers in Maputo city, hoping that it would alleviate the suffering of food shortages.

Share Love from Tzu Chi

On September 27, a cornmeal distribution was conducted at the Tzu Chi Mozambique Office in Mahatas. It helped 1,900 volunteers in seven districts of Maputo to reduce the economic pressure of their lives.

Volunteer Eunice said: "Volunteers have a difficult life and are in a crisis of hunger. We are very worried. From the COVID-19 to the recent war, the situation has become worse and worse."

Each bag of cornmeal had 12.5 kilograms, which is not light to hold. Volunteers passed the cornmeal bag by bag, and the happiness  spread. It was the hope of the family. While making their handprint, they did not have an ink pad. Instead, they used a ball pen to draw their fingers.

Although they lack resources, they are willing to share.

Volunteer Eva said: "I will share two cups of cornmeal with my neighbors to express the love of the Venerable Master Cheng Yen and mine."

Volunteer Marta said: "I will spread my love, and share the cornmeal with the elderly poor."


Inspired by Jing Si Aphorisms

Life is hard, but everyone is a rich person in the soul. Jing Si Aphorisms by Master Cheng Yen, the founder of Tzu Chi, have influenced them and inspired good thoughts in their hearts.

Tzu Chi volunteer Celeste Alfredo said: "If you want to go to the 10th floor, do we have to pass the 1st floor first? (Yes.) Can a child walk when born? (No.) He must be able to sit and crawl first.”

Volunteer Juliet said: "If we are unwilling to do little chores, it will be difficult to accomplish great things. Let's not take small things lightly, because they may lead us to a better life."

Cornmeal solves their immediate predicament, calms the mind and body, and has the strength to help others.

Every one contributes their love and it will become a great ocean of love. Join Tzu Chi and let us shine the world with Great Love.


Article by Samuel Mhlope in Mozambique

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