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Sep 21st
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Good Thoughts Resonate in Florida after Hurricane Ian

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What does “Tzu Chi” mean? In Chinese, “Tzu” means “compassion” and “Chi” means “relief”. Together “Tzu Chi” means “to relieve suffering through compassion.”

On October 22, Frank Chen Fa, Executive Director of Tzu Chi USA Greater Washington DC Region, explained the meaning of the two words to those affected by Hurricane Ian.

On September 28, Ian devastated the American state of Florida, as a Category 4 hurricane. It killed more than 100 people and destroyed the homes of people with torrential rain and strong winds.

On October 22, American Tzu Chi volunteers distributed cash cards to a second batch of registered affected residents of the Caloosa Mobile Home Community and the Lee County Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) in Fort Myers, Florida; it was the hardest hit area. The volunteers hope to help them get through these hard times.



Good Thoughts Resonate

The spark of a single thought of love can bring infinite good effects. Barry Schmalbach is one example as one of those who responded with love to the devastation wrought by the hurricane.

Barry lives in Fort Myers, one of the areas worst hit by Ian. Fortunately, his home was not affected. So, when a friend told him that Tzu Chi was going to hold a distribution in the community, he felt obliged to participate.

Recently, he planned to move to Fort Myers. He drove for nearly an hour to help with the distribution and made a donation to Tzu Chi.

Barry works for a restaurant supplies and food wholesale company. He has experienced damage caused by disasters. After Hurricane Ian, he immediately contacted the supplier's local warehouse and provided bleach and cleaning tools without conditions. He hoped to help affected people clean their homes as soon as possible, to prevent infection by germs, and provide a safe living environment for the disaster survivors. His love and kindness are admirable.

Barry said: “Your organization is outstanding; you not only provide aid but also warm the hearts of the survivors. The volunteers are helping others with their hearts, not by taking donations, but by using money to help the survivors in need.”


With love, we can all make a difference in the world. The world needs everyone to work together to make it a better place. By joining Tzu Chi, we can create a better world for the future generations.


Source: Report of Tzu Chi U.S. Survey Team (Day 26)

To know more about Tzu Chi’s Relief in Florida after Hurricane Ian, please visit Tzu Chi U.S.A. website.