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Jan 31st
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Tzu Chi Brings Light and Warmth to Florida after Hurricane Ian

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Katisha Jordan's broad smile made it impossible to imagine that she was a disaster survivor. Do you wonder how she could smile so joyfully after Hurricane Ian? Read more and you will find out.


“It Is Not A Lie!”

Katisha's sunny smile made it impossible to believe that she had been through a terrible disaster. She said that, when she learnt that Tzu Chi had provided relief, she went online to learn about the Foundation's past disaster relief. She told her friends that they could sign up for aid -- but their response was: "That's a lie!"

On October 22, Katisa received a cash card. Showing a bright smile, she said happily that she would tell her friends, "Really, it's not a lie! Thank you, Tzu Chi, for giving the cash card in the emergency. "

The Tzu Chi volunteers increased the level of relief for victims of Hurricane Ian. Considering the soaring inflation in the United States and the serious damage to the homes of those affected, they increased the payment amount. Each household would receive a cash card ranging from US$800 to US$1,200, according to the family size.


Voluntarily Taking Smaller Subsidy

On the audit form, Al Jabe Williams only filled in a family size of two people. But the warm questions of the volunteers revealed that his family actually has four people. They learnt that, even though he, his wife, and two and five-year-old children are sleeping in their car, he still cares about other disaster survivors. So he decided to under-report the number of family members and give the relief funds to more disaster survivors.


Turn Your Palms down to Help Others

The house of Tina Lebeau was completely destroyed by the hurricane. She and her dog temporarily stayed at a friend's house. However, after a week, there was no place to stay. She was very worried about the future of reconstruction and could not help crying. After all, government help is limited.

Tina was sincerely grateful and moved by Tzu Chi's relief fund. She considered it a thoughtful idea for the victims. The listening and comforting of the volunteers gave her strength and encouragement.

When Tina received the materials distributed by other organizations, she immediately donated it to help those in need. This kind and loving heart moved the volunteers, too.


Photo Stories







When many people hear about Tzu Chi's assistance for the first time, they always ask: what do they want in return? The volunteers tell them that, in the future, please pass on your selfless love to those in need.

Truly, let us help others and shine the world with bright and warm love.

Join Tzu Chi. We can do it.

Please visit Tzu Chi USA to learn more moving stories after Hurricane Ian.

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