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Sep 28th
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Home Global Activities Asia Tzu Chi Volunteers Send Love and Care to Patients in Hong Kong Hospital

Tzu Chi Volunteers Send Love and Care to Patients in Hong Kong Hospital

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Volunteer Li Qiu-yue (李秋月) carefully reminded other volunteers how to wrap the gifts. Even though the gift is light, it is full of love -- these were Tzu Chi volunteers preparing items for patients and staff of Shatin Hospital in Hong Kong on Tzu Chi Day.

Shatin Hospital mainly treats chronic patients. Tzu Chi Hong Kong Volunteers began caring for the sick there on October 15, 1994. Volunteers have visited them almost every week. The hospital was moved by Tzu Chi volunteers’ caring and warmth. In 1997, the last visiting day in October was designated as "Tzu Chi Day".

Volunteer Au Liang-zhen (區亮貞) said: "We would hold large-scale activities on  the Tzu Chi Day of Shatin Hospital. Everyone was very happy to sing and perform sign language with the patients. Every time it ended, we all felt full of joy."

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the past three years, volunteers were unable to visit patients in person. But they still showed their love. Volunteers personally packaged gifts and delivered them to the patients and staff at Shatin Hospital.

Volunteer Ling Pei-wen (凌佩文) said: "I am very grateful to so many sisters for their cooperation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very rare for everyone to get together to participate in activities. These gifts can make those patients happy."

Volunteer Zhou Li-sheng (周力生) said: "Although we have no way to visit the patients, our hearts are with the patients. We chat with the patients online to soothe their emotions. There is Tzu Chi Day every year. Although we have no way to personally to be there with them, we all send our blessings.”

Shatin Hospital social worker Chen Hui-ying (陳慧盈) said: "Every year in October, Tzu Chi volunteers prepare gifts for all our patients. The staff did not forget it, either, because they also prepared their gifts for us. Hopefully on next year's Tzu Chi Day, Tzu Chi volunteers can personally come and distribute gifts to our patients.”

Tzu Chi volunteers in Hong Kong and Shatin Hospital have been in a relationship for nearly 30 years. Both the giver and the receiver have printed love in their hearts. They all believe this relationship will be reconnected after the pandemic subsides.


Everyone intrinsically has great love in one’s heart. Join Tzu Chi. Let us pool our love together and bring warmth and joy to the needy.

Documentary Team Volunteers Xie Qin and Lu Zhi-de report from Hong Kong