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Sep 27th
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In Malaysia, Tzu Chi Holds Tuition Aid Awarding Ceremonies

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Tzu Chi Seremban Liaison Office in Malaysia (10/15) and Kota Tinggi Liaison Office (10/29) each held three tuition aid awarding ceremonies. Parents accompanied their children to participate in promoting environmental protection. They also brought coin banks to give back.


Spiritually Rich

Wan Heman, parent of a student who received tuition aid, said: "I trust Tzu Chi's aid. Tzu Chi helps me regardless of race, religion, or country. I am a Malay Muslim, and, even if I just donate a little money, it also can help people in need of different races and countries.”


Joy and Gratitude

Shen Yu-han (沈雨涵), a tuition aid winner, said: "It's the first time I got this bursary, and I feel very happy because it helps my mother reduce her burden."

Another tuition aid winner, Savini, said: "With this bursary, I can buy school supplies. Thank you, Tzu Chi, for your help.”


At Tzu Chi Kota Tinggi Liaison Office, they helped 113 students. At Seremban Liaison Office, 529 students received aid. Each held three tuition aid awarding ceremonies.

At Seremban Tzu Chi, volunteers planned an area outside the ceremony to promote environmental protection and guide parents and students to do recycling. Tzu Chi volunteers seized the good opportunity to spread the idea of how to care for the earth.

Everyone can be rich in spirit as long as they have a broad mind to be grateful to the earth and respect and love all living beings. Let us open our hearts to embrace Mother Earth with love and protect her through our actions.

Documentary Team report from Malaysia

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