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Jan 31st
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Tzu Chi Volunteers Set up Supply Stations for Cycling Trip in Taiwan

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What do you do after you regain your life? How about a cycling trip around Taiwan?

There was a team of over thirty people, six of whom once were leukemia patients who have successfully received a transplant of hematopoietic stem cells. They went on a 9-day and 8-night trip together. The journey of 930 kilometers across the island started from Taipei Songshan Station on November 12 and returned to Taipei on November 20.

Tzu Chi volunteers set up supply stations in counties and cities throughout the island to cheer them on. There were patients who have just passed 5 years since recovering from the illness. They wanted to take the trip around the island to challenge their limits and ignite their motivation to return to normal life.

Huang Yao-xing (黃耀興), the bike team leader, said: "The Tzu Chi volunteer team is very enthusiastic to help everyone with supplies and accompany everyone. We are destined to ride together to realize our dreams. In the beginning, it was a bit confused, but we became stronger and stronger later on."

Lin Hong-ru (林虹汝), a hematopoietic stem cell recipient, said gratefully: "It's a little more tiring than I imagined. I especially took photos of each supply station, because they are really sumptuous. I got a lot of care from volunteers."

One of the riders was Qiu Ya-lan(邱雅蘭), who received a transplant eight years ago. Her son, who is in high school, went to the square in front of Songshan Station to cheer her on the first day of departure. He said: "Come on! I hope my mother won't get hurt."

It was Ya-lan mother's hematopoietic stem cells that gave her daughter a new life, but she died of cancer the year before last. Her mother liked to ride a bicycle, so Ya-lan seized the moment to fulfill her mother's dream.

Ya-lan usually goes to the hospital to care for leukemia patients and always says to them: "I have also been in the bed you are lying in now, and I have also done the treatment you have done. I understand your pain and hardship. I have had a bone marrow transplant, and I have recovered. As I look back, that process and time have already passed!"

Liu Zhen-zhen (劉蓁蓁), a specialist of the Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center, said that she was really happy to know that a cancer patient could recover with a healthy mindset. She was even more excited when she heard that she would be cycling around the island. She accompanied them all the way this time and hoped to be their second line of protection.

Liu said: "They just pass through one test after another. This journey is very similar to the process of treating leukemia.”

Volunteers guarded every supply station around the island, and the life warriors were not alone.


Article: Gao Ai-fen and Chen He-sheng


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