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Jan 31st
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Volunteering Makes Dong-lin a Better Person

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Taoyuan tutoring courses have been working hard to plant good thoughts in children’s hearts. The supplementary courses are held twice a month. The students come from Tzu Chi's care households. They are serious about learning, which is very gratifying.

In the three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tutoring courses have been interrupted several times. In September this year, the courses resumed as scheduled. Teachers, volunteers, students and parents were very happy.

The students come from the first to the twelfth grade and even include some who went to college, such as Yu Dong-lin (余東霖).

The coordinator of the Tzu Chi Teachers’ Association, Ms. Cai Jin-yao (蔡金腰), greeted the 22-year-old Dong-lin very happily: "You have graduated from university; you should be a volunteer. From now on, I suggest volunteering here. Putting on a volunteer vest means that you want to serve your juniors.”

Ms. Cai thought that, although putting on the volunteer vest was a small move, the purpose was to remind him that he could help others. Although Dong-lin was a little shy, he was  very happy to put on the volunteer vest: "The benefit from continuing to take tutoring courses is not in academic work, but in interpersonal relationships. During all these years, those volunteers are very good to me. Now it is my turn to serve. After all, I have stayed here for such a long time.”


Love and Care

When he was a child, Dong-lin did not have a good relationship with his elder brother, and his mother was busy with work. After learning of academic tutoring at Taoyuan Jing Si Hall, she took Dong-lin to attend the course when he was in the third grade.

Mr. Wang Jun-hao (王君豪) always remembered that, when he first met Dong-lin, he was very irritable. Every volunteer had to be vigilant to prevent conflicts between him and his classmates. Sometimes, when Dong-lin became emotional, he spoke very loudly in the classroom on the second floor; this caused other volunteers came up to the floor to care for him.

Dong-lin managed to deal with these social problems. Through everyone's company, seeing a doctor, learning self-control, and feeling everyone's love and care, he gradually corrected his temper.

The Taoyuan tutoring course is a social field. Its love and safety allowed Dong-lin slowly to  get along with others naturally, improve his social skills, interact with people, and learn a sense of trust in people.

After Dong-lin went to college, everyone encouraged him all the time: they helped him to guide his classmates, take care of younger students, and learn to take responsibility. Volunteers have accompanied him for a long time and have seen him change and grow. Now everyone welcomes him as a volunteer.


At the beginning, when Dong-lin came to the class, he lost his temper every time, and often had physical conflicts with other children. When teachers and volunteers came forward to care, he would lose his temper with them and ask everyone to back off.

He had a lot of negative emotions and felt that everyone was trying to exclude him from their activities. After junior high school, the volunteers communicated with his parents, and the schoolteachers also helped him. They took him to a doctor for treatment and consultation, and his mood gradually became more stable.

Although he was so unhappy every time, still he came. After accepting the counseling, his  emotional ups and downs reduced. When he walked to Ms. Cai and said: "I'm not feeling well, can I take a rest? Or can I go home earlier?" It meant that he felt his own changes. He had improved and had the ability to perceive. Now he can talk to everyone politely.

At the end of each semester, awards will be presented and students will be asked to choose gifts based on their performance. So that he could earn a good gift, his performance became better and better.

He cared about whether he got a good gift or not. If he did not get the gift he wanted, he would be upset and say bad words. It always took a while for him to apologize. He liked most to win a pot or a wok, because he wanted to take them home to his mother.  Slowly, he learnt to give in if a child asked him for the good gift.


Good Sprout

After high school, Ms. Cai invited him to be the class leader. Before the tea break, he was responsible for saying classroom commands, organizing the team, and saying words of gratitude. The teacher entrusted him with the responsibility, and he did it very happily. Even he was about to graduate from college, he discussed it with the teacher about who to ask for this job. He regarded this matter as very important.

Dong-lin is simple-minded, and Tzu Chi is his spiritual home where he feels safe. So he likes to come, even after graduating from university. The idea of a volunteer made him realize: "I am a volunteer now. I don't just help out."

With teachers and volunteers’ care and companionship, Dong-lin grew up and became mature. After putting on a volunteer vest, Dong-lin meets a better self, and makes aspirations. He not only benefits himself, but also helps others.


Article: He Jinxia / Report from Taoyuan 2022/11/21

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