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Jun 02nd
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Memorial Concert for Role Model Lin Ben-Yuan

Memorial Concert for Role Model Lin Ben-Yuan

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Lin Ben-yuan (林本源), a Changhua industrialist and Tzu Chi volunteer, devoted his life to public welfare. On October 22, he passed away due to illness, at the age of 69. On November 24, a memorial concert was held at the Jing Si Hall in Changhua to celebrate the lifelong dedication of this model volunteer.

Lin was a senior scout who inherited the family pharmaceutical business. He managed it with all the spirit of a scout. His wife and children joined Tzu Chi. Lin Ben-yuan supported them as Tzu Chi volunteers, and later participated himself. He also promoted vegetarianism in the company.

Since he was a child, Lin devoted himself to public welfare thanks to the influence of his parents, who were always eager to help others. When the global COVID-19 pandemic worsened in 2020, he actively supported the pandemic prevention work. He donated materials and health care products as home pandemic prevention, to help care for the public.

At the memorial concert, more than 1,000 guests paid tribute to Mr. Lin’s deep and extensive lifelong dedication. The family remembered this good father and husband through songs and words.

Lin’s wife Li A-li (李阿利) said: "We feel liberated to face life and death, and I hope that everyone will be able to seize every moment of their own lives, so that they can contribute more to their families and society."

Lin’s daughter Lin Yi-lin (林宜琳) expressed her gratitude: "He was a very gentle and refined person, and he hoped to form a good affinity with everyone. In our hearts, he was also the best father."

Mr. Lin Ben-yuan regarded filial piety, kindness, and love as treasures, and he passed on his virtues to his family, then expanded them to his career and social welfare.

We remember and celebrate Brother Lin Ben-yuan with reverence and gratitude.







Article by Zhang Guiduan, Guo Jizong, Jian Shusi, Chen Chunlai from Changhua