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Jan 31st
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Tzu Chi Delivers Timely Rice to Victims of Severe Flooding in Indonesia

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Since November 19, 2022, continuous rainfall in North Sumatra, Indonesia has caused rivers to flood residential areas. After several days of rain, areas in North Sumatra faced severe flooding, including about ten townships in Deli Serdang County.

Until November 22, the flood was as high as an adult's knee, up to one meter high. Villagers in Punden Rejo village, Tanjung Morawa township are still trying to clean up what is left of their homes. The continuous rain has seriously damaged their houses.


Serious Flood

Ismail, Mayor of Tanjung Morawa Township, said: "The Sungai Putih and Sungai Abang rivers flooded, and the heavy rain caused the dikes to burst. This flooded Bundeng Lek. Samura. About 141 households were affected by the flood.”

Although everyone is safe, the floods also damaged the fields of many villagers. In Bundeng Rezo Village, most residents make a living from farming. But they could only watch helplessly as the water soaked their fields.

A 78-year-old villager said that this was one of the worst floods in this area. "The first major flood was in 2001. I think this flood is more serious. Most of the people here are farmers. Our fields were originally ready for planting, but look what we have now? What will be the fate of these farmers?"


Timely Distribution

On learning of the floods, Tzu Chi volunteers immediately launched disaster relief work. In two villages in Tanjung Morawa Township - Punden Rejo Village and Tanjung Baru Village – they distributed a total of 350 kilograms of rice.  They handed the aid to the chiefs of each village, who distributed them to the villagers in need. Besides rice, volunteers also distributed eggs and cooking oil.

"Tzu Chi volunteers try their best to help the flood survivors. We hope that this aid will help them, reduce their burden, and allow everyone to return to a normal life as soon as possible. At the same time, we also hope that the flood will recede soon and everything will go back to normal," said Medan volunteer Shen Feng-ju.

Volunteers worked together to help the survivors and make them feel that they are not facing the disaster alone, with many kind-hearted people helping them. So the villagers can smile, turn from their sorrows and bravely face the future.

The words Tzu Chi mean compassion and relief. Join Tzu Chi and we can spread love to the needy.

Article: Hidayat Sikumbang from Indonesia 2022/11/28

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