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Jan 27th
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Home Global Activities Asia Tzu Chi Delivers Eco-friendly Utensils to School in Lumbini, Nepal

Tzu Chi Delivers Eco-friendly Utensils to School in Lumbini, Nepal

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It was lunchtime, and the children were waiting in line to eat, but why were they holding paper for homework instead of bowls? Everyone sat on the floor and ate with their hands. Volunteers were worried.



Because it is more hygienic, eating with utensils is a very ordinary thing for us. But, in Lumbini, Nepal, because of poverty, children have to tear off a piece of paper from their notebooks or carry plastic bags and eat with their hands. After they saw that, Tzu Chi volunteers decided to bring them eco-friendly bowls.

Tzu Chi volunteer Xie Qian-yi said: "The volunteers felt very sad when they saw it. So we immediately arranged to deliver Tzu Chi's eco-friendly bowls to the students who came to the school. If they really forgot to bring the bowls, then at least this bowl can be used to hold food.”

Eat Hot Food with Leaves

So that every student can have a full lunch, the Nepalese government subsidizes lunches of public schools. It is prepared with wheat flour, oil, sugar and raisins, and the teachers have to serve as cooks.

They use a big pot to cook lunch. After several attempts, the volunteers realized that it was not easy to cook such a big pot of hot food. If the children wanted to eat it, they could not grasp it with their hands. The leaves they picked up everywhere became their spoons.

Xie said: "It is very easy for us to put food into our mouths, but it turned out to be so difficult for the children here, so we immediately went to buy and deliver these spoons to the school immediately."

Manos Kumar, principal of Gautama School, said: “Since Tzu Chi came to our school, they have given us a lot of help. I hope these utensils can help us in the future and improve the quality of children’s meals.”

It is no doubt developing children need a balanced diet. It is also important to pay attention to food safety issues. Volunteers hope that such caring will help children grow up and eat healthier.

Now, in Nepal, there are over 20 volunteers from Malaysia and Singapore working to benefit local residents and share dining etiquette with the children. With utmost sincere piety and a sense of mission, they have reached out to Nepal.

Join Tzu Chi. We can do it.


Article: Xie Qian-yi and Younis from Nepal

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