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Mar 29th
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Delivering Stationery to Students in Schools in Lumbini, Nepal

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Many children in Nepal have lost the opportunity to study because they cannot afford school fees or stationery.


In Nepal, Tzu Chi volunteers from Malaysia and Singapore spent more than a month looking for suppliers and rushing to obtain stationery. As from December 16th, they distributed school supplies in six schools for five days.

When the Nepal national anthem was played, teachers, students, and parents gathered for a ceremony entitled ‘Love for Lumbini’ to distribute the supplies.

Lumbini City Mayor Sajaruddin Khan expressed his gratitude: "I am very happy. What Tzu Chi does today is something that the Nepali Government has yet to do. I am grateful to Tzu Chi Foundation."

Tzu Chi distributed supplies to students in six public schools in Lumbini for three consecutive days. The first day benefitted about 388 students from two schools.

Balram, a parent, said happily: "The children are very happy. They will be motivated to study hard and attend school every day. We, as parents, also encourage our children to go to school and learn good culture."

Tzu Chi volunteer Sio Kee-Hong (蘇祈逢) said: "Let the students understand that these supplies do not come easily and should be cherished. After the distribution, we immediately went to the classrooms to remind the students to cherish resources and use the supplies they received with care."

Through a play, the volunteers conveyed the spirit of the missions of charity, medicine, and education. It evoked kindness in the teachers and parents, and encouraged them to join to do good deeds together.

Moti Lal Yadav, principal of Gyan Prabha Basic School, said happily: "I am very happy because of what you are doing and how you collect the donations. Just watching the drama (you presented), (about what) your missions and your religion (have done) for society and the world, it is amazing. This is wonderful."

A gift of love does not guarantee academic excellence. But it relieves children and parents of their worries over schooling and motivates the students to pursue their dreams bravely.

Volunteers see the needs of Nepalese children with heart and love and look forward to changing their lives through education and making the world a better place.

Join Tzu Chi. We can work together.

Article: Cheah Chen Yee, Yong Mun Fei, Unish Khyaju, Wu Nan Kai from Nepal

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