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Oct 02nd
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Tzu Chi Brings Warmth to Ukrainians in Canada

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After Russia’s invasion on February 24, some Ukrainian families took refuge in Canada. They left in such a hurry that they did not prepare many clothes to keep out the cold. Fortunately, in a foreign country, they also met kind people who helped them and passed on the warmth of love.

Tzu Chi volunteers in Canada put scarves on the Ukrainian children to express their love. They also gave them winter clothes to protect them from the cold, allowing them to be surrounded by warmth during their first winter in Canada. A little boy with cerebral palsy strained to say simple words to express his gratitude.

In addition to providing supplies, Tzu Chi volunteers also distributed gift cards and travel cards.

One priest in the Holy Eucharist Cathedral said: "Thank you for coming, bringing hope and love, and a gift to the children. We respectfully accept this, the blessing that comes from your generosity."

These Ukrainians are still adjusting to life in Canada, but everyone is willing to spread the love.

Tzu Chi volunteer Miao Wan-hui (苗萬輝) introduced the spirit of the coin bank: "When the coin bank is full, you can donate it to the church, and the church will help others and share the love collected. Can you do it?” The audience said: “Can.”

Tzu Chi has cooperated with the Holy Eucharist Cathedral many times. This time Metro Vancouver Overseas Taiwanese joined in, making the power of love even stronger.

Great Love is without boundaries. Join Tzu Chi. Let us spread love to the needy.

Article by You De-kun and Weng Shu-ru from Canada

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