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Sep 21st
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Tzu Chi Brings Blessings to Little Girl in Lumbini, Nepal

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Everyone has the heart of compassion. During the distribution of school supplies in Lumbini in Nepal, Tzu Chi volunteers found a girl shivering in the queue. They reached out a helping hand right away.




In Nepal, Tzu Chi volunteers from Malaysia and Singapore have spent more than a month looking for suppliers and rushing to obtain school supplies. As from December 16th, they distributed stationery, sweaters, and shoes in six schools for five days. As a result, Jing Si Aphorisms have a good affinity to enter these schools.

The spirit of Jing Si Aphorisms

The most important thing about Jing Si Aphorism is practice -- to show the spirit of great love at every moment in life in order to make the world a better place.

One of the aphorisms says: “When we care for others with deep sincerity, our love is a noble seed that brings great blessings.” Tzu Chi volunteers practiced well the spirit of this aphorism in the distribution in Lumbini.

While they were distributing items at Siddhartha Primary School, the volunteers noticed that one girl in the queue, Sruana Kahar, in the fifth grade, was wearing a damp uniform and shivering. They immediately changed her into a sweater and combed her hair. In the spirit of motherhood, volunteer Zhang Rui-shi (張瑞詩) hugged her in the sun to keep her warm.

It turned out that Sruana’s mother had passed away, her father was missing, and she was living with her elderly grandparents. Volunteers found that her house had no door, only two beds and straw on the floor. There was no furniture -- only walls. She is well-behaved and knows how to clean the house. She uses rice bran to wash dishes.

Gratefully, the volunteers of the charity team responded to her needs and delivered daily necessities to Sruana's home in a very short time. They brought warmth to the family during the cold winter.

After the volunteers’ home visit and caring at the school, Sruana gradually interacted with them and made eye contact. Finally, she was able to open her heart and smile.

She felt the kindness of the volunteers. When they reached out, she  also reached out to shake their hands. Before leaving, Sruana's grandmother picked up the only pumpkin in the house and gave it to the volunteers. They were very touched! They accepted the good intentions of the family and left their love and the pumpkin behind. They wished this family of three the love of Tzu Chi and more strength to face the future.

Bringing warmth and care to the needy is the goal of Tzu Chi volunteers. Join Tzu Chi. Let us work for the common good together.

Article by Meichen Liao

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" Be careful and mindful when dealing with others, but do not be narrow-minded. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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