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Sep 27th
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Tzu Chi Brings Hope to Children of Khudabarga, Nepal

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The hope of children lies in education. On November 15, 2022, the Khudabarga ECD Class Center, jointly run by Tzu Chi and the Khurdabagar Community Learning Center, started its classes. It is similar to a kindergarten, allowing local children from 3 to 5 to learn happily together.



The volunteers decided to fund the school because of home visits to the countryside. Tang Kiat Beng (陳吉民), a Tzu Chi Malaysian volunteer, said: "When I went to visit a home, I found that the two daughters in this family, aged 9 and 7, did not go to school at all. We interacted with the Khurdabagar community learning center and learned that there are many children in Khurdabagar village who do not go to school. It is also because there are many caste problems in this village, so parents have a weak concept of education. In our opinion, children’s education should be universal.”


With schoolbags given by volunteers, children aged 3 to 5 started their learning journey at the Khudabarga ECD Class Center.

A parent said: "We have no money to send our children to school, and now we are very happy to be able to send our children here.

To allow the children to adapt to life in a group, a five-day trial class was specially arranged before the school started. They currently have classes 6 days a week, from 10 am to 3 pm every day.



A teacher at ECD said: "The attendance rate of the children is very good. They first learn the simple English alphabet and words, and then learn the Nepali alphabet, because Nepali is more difficult to write."

The classes for the children include not only language lessons, religious rituals and basic health education, but also the etiquette of life.

Opening Ceremony

On November 30, 2022, with the love and blessings of everyone, the ECD Class Center held a simple opening ceremony. From the smiles on the children's faces, we could see that they have fallen in love with learning and look forward to growing up happily.

Transform Nepal for the Better

For poor countries, Tzu Chi volunteers are to make vows to transform those countries from poor to rich. How do they do that? They try to help the children there receive an education. This way, the children can transform the situation of their family, and life becomes better.

Education brings hope in life. Only when people receive an education will there be a chance for society to develop. With utmost sincere piety and a sense of mission, Tzu Chi volunteers from Singapore and Malaysia have reached out to Nepal. They give and serve joyously. They have dedicated themselves to transform Nepal for the better.

From one good seed can grow innumerable others. In life, people are able to turn their poverty around and become wealthy. Around the world right now, there is a lot of suffering. What can we do about it? We can give love and pool their love together, which becomes a strength, to help people in need.

Join Tzu Chi. Let us create a better world.


Goh Lam Kia, Unish Khyaju, and Qiu Jianyi reported from Nepal

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