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Oct 01st
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Tzu Chi Continues to Support Pakistani Families after Floods

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Since the rainy season in Pakistan began last June 2022, the land has been submerged by floods. So far, by rough estimates, more than 1,700 people have died, including more than 600 children; in addition, tens of millions have been affected by the flood, with more than 20 million people having to rely on humanitarian aid to survive.



In 2005, after the Kashmir earthquake, Tzu Chi began to care for the Pakistani people. Although there is no Tzu Chi office in the country, during the past 18 years, assistance from over the sea has never stopped. Knowing that Pakistan would be hit again by floods in June 2022, Tzu Chi has again overcome many difficulties to deliver supplies and medical assistance.


Work with Six NGOs

The flood caused more than 8 million Pakistanis to lose their houses and farmland, and become displaced. Tzu Chi contacted NGOs across the country, hoping that the supplies could be delivered to the victims in time. The organizations currently cooperating to support the flood victims in Pakistan include Camillians, the World Medical Association, the We Care Foundation, the Islamic Relief, Shirkat Gah - Women's Resource Centre, and Al-Medinah Islamic Research Center (MIRC).

The cooperative aid operations distribute daily food packages and hygiene kits, as well as eco-friendly blankets and medical supplies. They also provide free clinics. Since Tzu Chi does not have a local office in Pakistan, many materials are procured locally by the Pakistani office of the Indonesian Salim Group. After confirming the quality, three local NGOs assist in the distribution.


Reach out a Helping Hand

On October 25, the first batch of distributed materials arrived. In the early morning, volunteers carried the daily necessities bag by bag to the village where the distribution was held. The first distribution began on October 28. Due to the flood, the villagers had lost their homes that could shelter them from wind and rain. Among those who received supplies at the scene were many children, and many women who came with babies on their backs.

The disaster victims said that Tzu Chi and its cooperative organizations were the groups who visit them most quickly. They are also the first organizations to lend a helping hand when the victims have nothing left. The packages of materials have brought great support to the victims. They can support the life of a family which had lost its home and farmland, so that they will not suffer from hunger and cold.

“Thanks to Tzu Chi and the We Care Foundation for giving us dignity and help. We are going to have something to eat tonight,” said happily a woman who received supplies from the We Care Foundation, sitting under a tent made of rags.

In October, the first batch of materials delivered to the disaster-stricken areas in Pakistan was distributed. More materials arrived in November and December and were sorted by various NGOs and distributed, so as to deliver hope to those in need.

Pool Your Love

Pakistan is still suffering from the impact of the flooding. There are still many tents in the affected areas, and children have no fixed place to sleep. We hope that the uninterrupted care can help the disaster victims in Pakistan to rebuild their homes as soon as possible, that the natural disasters caused by climate change can be stopped, and the victims can find again their old smiles as soon as possible.

Join Tzu Chi. Let us pool our love together and help the needy.


Source: Pakistan Flood Aid Briefing; 2023/01/13

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