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Oct 01st
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Tzu Chi Warms Homeless in California after Heavy Rain

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In early January, heavy rain caused disasters in Northern California, USA. Among the worst hit were homeless people – the water soaked their clothes and their only belongings. Volunteers in Auckland and other places went to distribute food and warm clothes. They benefited 11 homeless people.


Filled with Blessings

Heavy rains in Northern California have caused disasters, making the situation of homeless people even harder. Homeless woman Daisy Rui told Tzu Chi that volunteers had distributed blankets, sleeping bags, backpacks, instant rice and noodles at a highway rest stop in Lodi Township, as agreed. The homeless people there only had a hiking backpack left. The volunteers put the materials in the backpack and filled it with blessings.

Daisy Rui felt grateful: "I have contacted many organizations, but there is no response. Your arrival is the whole world to me, and it is of great help to us. Thank you.”


Young Volunteers

Two Tzu Chi teenagers also participated in the distribution and had deep observations.

Huang Qiao-xin (黃巧欣) said: "I am very happy today because I was able to distribute goods to the homeless. They are very polite and orderly. For example, when they choose clothes and they do not fit, they will fold them neatly and give them back to others."


Most Beautiful Scenery

On January 21, the Chinese New Year's Eve, the distribution of supplies made 11 homeless people feel the warmth of the world, and the volunteers also started the New Year with good deeds.

One of the Jing Si Aphorisms says: “Most beautiful in the sky are the stars; most beautiful on Earth is human warmth and love.”

The distribution of volunteers and the warmth received by the homeless people formed the most beautiful Scenery.



Tzu Chi USA is providing emergency financial assistance (EFA) to  households that have been severely impacted by recent storms in California and qualify for it. To receive help, please click the link below to apply.



Article by documentary volunteers Chen Bi-hui and Zhang Chuan-xin and reported from the United States

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