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Oct 02nd
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Home Global Activities Asia In Hong Kong, Tzu Chi Promotes Vegetarianism

In Hong Kong, Tzu Chi Promotes Vegetarianism

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Hong Kong Tzu Chi volunteers promote vegetarianism, and regularly teach vegetarian cooking at the Foundation’s office in the Tai Wai district of the city.


In their environmental protection classroom, the Tai Wai volunteers have achieved both internal and external environmental protection.  The volunteers in Hong Kong not only lead the public to recycle resources, but also teach them vegetarian cooking.

A table full of vegetables can be made into lucky bags -- stuffed tofu pouches -- with bean curd. Tzu Chi volunteer Jiang Yin-yan (姜銀燕) explained: "This lucky bag is filled with vegetarian food, and it is very simple for us to make. It symbolizes the safety of generations."

Learner Luo Xiu-qing said: "First watch Jiang do it once, and then follow her method. It is not difficult, which makes me very happy. I am a vegetarian because I want to cultivate compassion and not form bad affinities with sentient beings. "

Huang Hui-ai, another learner, said happily: "Everyone wants to be blessed. This dish seems to be very rich. There are so many materials in it, as many as 8 to 10 kinds. When friends come, it can be served in minutes. It is very convenient.”

For dishes made only by hand, it only needs the time to prepare ingredients. As long as you prepare the ingredients to put in the lucky bag in advance, you can make a dish in no time. This dish is suitable for dinner or home cooking.

The vegetarian food taught by the volunteers in Tai Wai is very simple and easy to make. This gave many learners confidence to learn more and start to adopt a vegetarian diet. It has also attracted more residents in the community to join the class and take good care of their health.

Vegetarian food is not what the general public thinks – only tofu and vegetables. As long as everyone is willing to use their ingenuity, every  plant-based dish can be a delicacy on the table.


One of Jing Si Aphorisms says: "A vegetarian diet can develop endurance, compassion and wisdom."

Do it yourself! Enjoy vegetarian meals!


Story by documentary volunteers Xie Qin and Lu Zhi-de from Hong Kong

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