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Oct 02nd
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Cherish the Value of Recyclables

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Love has no religious distinction. At the Banten Recycling Station in Tangerang, Indonesia, volunteer Lu Di (盧迪) is a Catholic who comes to the station every day. He takes it as his second home.


Make Good Use of Time

Lu Di said that he likes to go to the recycling station because he can make good use of time there. This is better than staying at home watching TV and doing nothing every day.

He has made the recycling station his home. In the eyes of Homi, an employee of the recycling station, Lu Di always is full of energy, as long as it is recycling.


Treasure Mountain

Piles of recyclables are his treasure mountain. He believes that plastics, plastic bottles, and other recyclables all have their own value.

Recycling makes Lu Di realize that recyclable resources should not be thrown away casually. If they can still be used, they should be repaired. Recycling resources often surprises him. One of them is discovering good and inspiring books.


After retiring, Ludi stayed at home and had nothing to do. As a result, his life became so boring and his back hurt. Fortunately, by walking into the recycling station, he opened a new door for his life.

Every day he is either at the recycling station, or on his way there. He has made many good friends there. While sorting and recycling, they joke and have deep feelings for each other.

He said: "I am a Catholic, and I will do environmental protection until the end of my life. If one day I need to walk with a crutch, I will still come to the recycling station to contribute myself, because I really have fallen in love with this place."


One Jing Si Aphorism says: "Treasure the resources of the Earth, and take care of the resources of life."

Let us cherish what we have anytime anywhere.

Story by Nofaria Liwan from Indonesia

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" True liberation is realized through unselfish giving for the benefit of mankind. It is also realized through the challenges of relationships with others. "
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