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Oct 02nd
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Love Inspires Love

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Love inspires love. In Bohol in the Philippines, Tzu Chi has inspired many people to become givers.


Red Packets of Blessings and Wisdom

On January 29, 2023, for the first time, Tzu Chi Bohol branch held a Lunar New Year blessing ceremony at a gymnasium in Sagbayan in the Philippines.

It was very successful, with 2,856 people receiving the Red Packets of Blessings and Wisdom and the blessings of Master Cheng Yen, the founder of Tzu Chi. She hopes that, through her blessings, the recipients will be inspired to nurture a harmonious relationship with one another, and be encouraged to create blessings together.


Gratitude to Tzu Chi

Volunteers on Bohol Island performed traditional dances to thank Tzu Chi. Since the earthquake in 2013, the care from Tzu Chi has never ceased, especially for those suffering from poverty and illness.

Julia, a care recipient of Tzu Chi who is very thin, said with emotion: "Thank you Tzu Chi for giving me grains powder, which supplements my nutrition. I also thank Tzu Chi for sending me Red Packets of Blessings and Wisdom, and for giving me blessings."


Become Happy Givers

Cordelia has a disability, but knows she can do good and help. After receiving the Red Packets of Blessings and Wisdom, she donated money to help others, especially those in need. Sincerely, she wanted to share the blessings that she has received.

Care recipients of Tzu Chi are willing to become givers because they feel the power of love. Emelita and her husband Vincent are good examples. They participated in the training to become volunteers after their recovery from illness.

Emelita felt delighted: "I am very happy to become a volunteer to help others. I am grateful for the medical assistance of Tzu Chi, which allows us to recover. Now I can also give this love back to other people."

Many people who have received medical help from Tzu Chi have come to volunteer, cooperate in the ceremony, and have become givers.


One Jing Si Aphorism says: “We help others with our palms facing down, and we ask for help with our palms facing up; helping brings happiness, while seeking help brings pain.”

Join Tzu Chi. Let us be happy givers.


Story by Michelle and Raycele Delusa from Philippines

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