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Oct 02nd
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Home Global Activities Asia In Medan, Tzu Chi Sets Up 43rd Green Point in Vocational School

In Medan, Tzu Chi Sets Up 43rd Green Point in Vocational School

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In Medan, Indonesia, Tzu Chi has spared no effort in promoting environmental protection. A higher vocational school has become the 43rd green point of the local Tzu Chi branch.

Amar Bhatti Vocational School No. 12 has promoted tree planting and greening the environment, and the recycling of resources has allowed the concept of protecting the earth to be deeply rooted in the hearts of students.

The way to keep the campus clean is to put waste bins at designated points to collect bottles, cans, and paper.

This approach makes the students of Amar Bhatti Vocational School No. 12 more cooperative and happier in resource recycling because they do not need to go far when throwing out garbage. In this way, students will not litter on campus.

In order to let students learn how to sort resources and reduce the amount of garbage, Medan Tzu Chi volunteers set up a green point in this local vocational school to create a clean campus.

Tzu Chi volunteer Yang Shu-qing (楊樹清) said that the school has just begun to implement the environmental protection and greening policy, and the establishment of a green point was the most suitable.

Ms. Seli, principal of Amar Bhatti Vocational School No. 12, promotes greening on campus, which coincides with Tzu Chi’s philosophy.

She said: "The environmental protection and greening program promoted by our school are to cultivate the next generation through activities and the concept of caring for the earth. The establishment of the green point can help students stay away from littering.”

Taking actions to protect the environment, teachers and students work mindfully to protect the earth.

One Jing Si Aphorism says: "The purpose of resource recycling is to promote and educate everyone to cherish blessings."

Let's do environmental protection together to cherish our only earth.


Story by Sedaya, Enik, and Esra from Indonesia

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