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Oct 02nd
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Nepali School Principal Inspired by Tzu Chi to Give More

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Altaf Husen Khan, principal of Siddhartha Primary School in Lumbini, Nepal, said affirmatively: "To change society, one must learn from Tzu Chi volunteers. Because they are consistent in their words and deeds under any circumstances."


Although Principal Altaf has only been in contact with Tzu Chi for two or three months, he feels that the relationship between them is very deep, because the activities organized by Tzu Chi and the teachings by example have deeply affected him.

In January, Altaf took advantage of the school holidays and went to other schools with volunteers to distribute the stationery. Altaf made many good connections in Lumbini schools and met many local principals and teachers. He is fluent in English, so he became an interpreter for Tzu Chi volunteers.

Altaf is also active in social work in the local area. After taking part in Tzu Chi activities, he learnt that it is not an ordinary charity organization. It can transcend religious barriers and give sincerely without asking for anything in return. This inspired him to give more. The principal said that Tzu Chi volunteers taught him many principles of life, such as humility and respect, which are more valuable than gold.

He was grateful for the opportunity to serve other schools. He treated all students as his own students, daughters or sons, teaching them to line up, respect teachers and keep classrooms clean and tidy. He said that he would like to learn from Tzu Chi volunteers and treat everyone equally, regardless of caste, just like his own family.

In his 47 years of life, he has never encountered such a good example. Altaf hopes that he will first take the teachings to his heart and change himself, and then implement the spirit of Tzu Chi in schools and families, and influence society. He knew that Tzu Chi volunteers have left their families in Singapore or Malaysia to serve in Lumbini, and he hoped their time in Lumbini would not be wasted.


One Jing Si Aphorism says: “Be honest and truthful in everything you do. Be kind and forgiving in our interactions with others.”

Join Tzu Chi. Let us seize every opportunity to give with love.


Source: Journal of the Tzu Chi Nepal Team; January, 3, 2023.

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" The beauty of a group lies in the refinement of its individuals. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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