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Oct 02nd
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Home Global Activities America In Texas, Tzu Chi Brings Care, Gift Cards to Tornado Victims

In Texas, Tzu Chi Brings Care, Gift Cards to Tornado Victims

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On January 24 this year, the southeast of Houston, Texas in the United States suffered its worst tornado damage in 25 years. Hundreds of families in Pasadena, the hardest-hit area, were left homeless. Tzu Chi cooperated with a local NGO to distribute gift cards.

Severe weather continues to affect countries all over the world. In addition to severe floods in New Zealand, Pasadena and Deer Park, southeast of Houston, Texas, were hit by tornadoes on January 24, causing serious damage. Due to the disaster, many buildings collapsed, road traffic was blocked, and power supply was interrupted. Tzu Chi volunteers immediately went to investigate and care for the victims of the disaster.

Work Hand in Hand

Due to the tornado, hundreds of families in Pasadena, the hardest-hit area, lost their homes completely. Residents had to stay with relatives or in hotels. Tzu Chi cooperated with a local NGO to distribute gift cards and blankets to them, providing temporary relief.

Luo Ji-yao, Executive Director of the Tzu Chi Texas Branch, said that he was grateful to work with BakerRipley, the largest NGO in Houston. It supports Tzu Chi very much and invited Tzu Chi to distribute gift cards at its venue.


Gratitude and Inspiration

On February 4, the temperature was only 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit). Volunteers prepared blankets, gift cards and a condolence letter from Master Cheng Yen, founder of Tzu Chi. Through simple ceremonies, they passed their care and love to the affected residents.

One of them, Brianna, said gratefully: "The distribution ceremony here is very beautiful and deeply touched our hearts. I want to say thank you. I only hope that things will develop better and better, and I have the ability to give back."

Another, Carmen, was inspired and said: "In the future, I also want to join the ranks of volunteers, because everything Tzu Chi has done for us is like a family, so I am very grateful for everything this foundation has done. Tzu Chi treats us like a family, Thank you so much.”

A third, Brian, expressed his feelings: "The power of one person is too small, but the power of a group can do a lot. This is what Tzu Chi has taught us. I feel this sense of honor, and I am also grateful for what Tzu Chi has given."

Carefully, volunteers listened to the affected describe in detail the aftermath of the tornado they have endured helplessly for half a month. This gave them the opportunity to express their emotions; it also gave the volunteers the chance to help them move forward.


A Jing Si Aphorism says: “A compassionate person will behave gently. Compassion and gentleness can help people escape from their worries.”

In an era of great difficulty, we all need to cultivate great compassion. Join Tzu Chi. Let us illuminate the world with great love.


Story by documentary volunteers Lin Song-ran, Xu Wei-zhen, Wu Yu-zong, Li Le-gang from the U. S.

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" If we can reduce our desires, there is nothing really worth getting upset about. "
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