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Oct 02nd
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Home Global Activities Asia In Nepal, Tzu Chi Helps A Girl Receive An Education

In Nepal, Tzu Chi Helps A Girl Receive An Education

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The morning air was bitterly cold, but Sonam felt warm and happy in her heart because she was able to go to school. Eager to continue her studies, she was not afraid of the cold winter.


Found Sonam

In Lumbini, Nepal, Tzu Chi volunteers looked for poor dropout students, hoping to help them in their education. In December, in a free clinic, they found that 19-year-old Sonam Haruan was a dropout student. After several home visits and discussions, Tzu Chi volunteers decided to assist Sonam and enable her to continue her studies at Kuda Bakar College.



Because Sonam’s family is poor, her father would not allow her to go on to further education. When Tzu Chi volunteers learnt that she was a student who dropped out of school, they took even more care of her.

Nepali volunteer Tulsi Narayan Matang said: "Sonam's home is far away from the school. By bicycle, it takes about an hour to ride to school, and it takes more than two hours to walk there. She has no money to buy (a bicycle), so Tzu Chi helped her buy a bicycle. "

Sonam's wish to go to school was supported by her mother; however, challenges followed one after another -- she was unable to afford school supplies and uniforms. Tzu Chi volunteers took her to a cloth shop. She chose the cheapest and most durable fabrics. Realistically, she drew a blueprint for the future.

Xie Qianyi (謝倩儀), Tzu Chi volunteer from Malaysia, praised her: "Although it was such a challenge (to get an education), this child (Sonam) never gave up and insisted on going to class every day."



She originally thought that, after completing 12 years of basic education in Nepal, her destiny was to help with housework. Sonam recalled: "I never thought I would have the opportunity to go to school, and I was crying about it before. I was very sad that other friends could go to school but I couldn't.”

Receiving help from Tzu Chi, Sonam was inspired: "After graduation, I want to find a good job to help poor people like me. I also hope to earn some money so that my two younger sisters can continue to study. Our family situation will improve.”

The seeds of good fortune have been planted. Higher education is the nutrient, and Sonam is diligently cultivating the field of her dreams.


A Jing Si Aphorism says: “To learn, we need to have a child’s artlessness, a camel’s endurance, and a lion’s courage and resoluteness.”

May Sonam realize her dream in the near future.

Join Tzu Chi. Let us illuminate the world with great love.


Story by documentary volunteers Cheah Chen Yee and Yong Mun Fei

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