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Oct 02nd
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Creating a Blueprint for Healthy Communities in Nepal

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“Healthy Lumbini! Healthy People! Can we do it?” (Yes!)  Dr. Ching Chen Hua(莊菀佳), Deputy CEO of Tzu Chi’s Kedah Branch, encouraged students in a workshop to work together to promote the health of the people in Lumbini. Kedah is in northwest Malaysia.


Medical Workshop

On February 18, 2023, Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) held a medical workshop at the Tzu Chi branch in Lumbini in Nepal. This was its second medical workshop since last August.

After Tzu Chi's first free clinic in Lumbini, Nepal in November 2022, the volunteers have become more proactive in drawing up a blueprint for a healthy community. TIMA has planned a series of courses and established workshops to train Nepali volunteers based on local needs.

TIMA worked diligently to invite members of the community  interested in the medical profession; 27 people attended the "Community Health Workshop". Its aim was to increase everyone's health awareness, improve their quality of life, and strengthen health education programs. All of these efforts can help volunteers understand the relationship between disease and diet.

Seeing the lack of medical resources in the Lumbini community, the participants pledged to work towards creating a healthier Lumbini.

During the course, the students practiced operating simple measuring equipment such as blood pressure monitors, height scales, and weight scales.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Doctors can infer from patients’ symptoms and illnesses what lifestyle they have. Good lifestyle habits can protect our physical health. Dr. Ching Chen Hua said: "We hope to establish workshops to cultivate local seeds (volunteers) to guard the health of villagers, and to protect lives and love. After completing the training, those trainees can go to the countryside to perform community health check-ups and health education, which can help prevent diseases."

Representative Pradip of the Lumbini Cultural Municipal Government said: "Today, Tzu Chi held a community medical workshop. For me, it was truly beneficial as I learned how to prevent the onset of diseases and how to eat correctly. The team explained in detail how to protect our health."

Lecturer Rika of the Community Learning Center said: "I am grateful to Master Cheng Yen, founder of Tzu Chi, and the Tzu Chi volunteers for organizing this workshop. We will learn and apply in our community what we have learned. I hope Tzu Chi can hold more activities to raise social awareness and promote educational programs. I look forward to becoming a volunteer in the future."

A Jing Si Aphorism says: “Instead of worrying about the condition of our society, we should turn worry into confidence and give our love to the society.”

Through their efforts, the Tzu Chi volunteers from Singapore and Malaysia have utilized local resources and trained local volunteers to improve the health and well-being of the people of Lumbini. By promoting healthy lifestyles, conducting community health check-ups, and providing health education, they are working to prevent diseases and safeguard people’s life and health of the local community with love. Their commitment to serving those in need is an inspiration to us all.

Join Tzu Chi. We can do it.


Story by Unish Khyaju from Nepal

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