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Oct 02nd
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Generous Heart Leads Blessed Life

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Why did Tzu Chi volunteer Gu Wen-xiang (顧文祥) transport a truckload of plastic bags from the Tzu Chi Huatan Recycling Station in Changhua to the recycling center in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in southwest Taiwan for only US$15? Let us look at today's story.


A Different Perspective

Despite sweating profusely, 64-year-old volunteer Gu, who runs an automotive supplies factory, continues to transport a truckload of plastic bags for recycling even though they only fetch about US$15. When he did business in China, he used to focus on return on investment, but now has a different perspective: "Environmental protection is not about the value of what is sold after it is recycled. The mission of eliminating anything that pollutes the earth is more important," Gu explained. For him, the joy of recycling cannot be quantified and is completely different from the feeling of doing business.

Fortunately, There Is Tzu Chi

Gu's wife, Yang Jin-ying (楊金英), joined Tzu Chi over 20 years ago, which is earlier than him. Because she was less independent than he, she always felt lonely when her husband was away from home for more than 20 years. However, "Luckily, there is Tzu Chi," she said.

While taking care of her family, Yang also dedicated her time to teaching children's classes and sign language courses at Tzu Chi. She used to feel very troubled because her partner could not understand her commitment to volunteering. But, fortunately, with the help of senior volunteer Liao Ming-quan, she was able to overcome this difficulty.

Liao Ming-quan (廖明泉), brother-in-law of Gu Wen-xiang, has often shared with him the joy in doing Tzu Chi’s work. When the community volunteers were short-handed, Liao encouraged Gu to join Tzu Chi and participate in their activities.

Serving the Elderly

While he was serving the elderly in the community care center, Gu Wen-xiang saw the elderly coming and going, which reminded him of his deceased mother. His heart was full of grief. So he took care of other elderly people as if they were his own mother.

Gu Wen-xiang had been doing business in mainland China for a long time. During this period, he and his wife went through challenges in their marriage. In 2020, he became a certified Tzu Chi volunteer and embarked on the Tzu Chi path with his wife by his side. They are passing on the spirit of kindness to their children -- their eldest daughter and son-in-law are currently undergoing Tzu Chi training courses. Together, the family is walking on the path of happiness through helping others.


A Jing Si Aphorism says: “A person with a generous heart and compassion for all beings leads the most blessed life.

Join Tzu Chi. We can do it.

Story by Guo Yuan-Ling and Lin Xin-Hong from Changhua.

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" Because seeing virtue in others is in itself a virtue, in appreciating others, we in fact dignify ourselves. "
Jing-Si Aphorism