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Oct 02nd
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Tzu Chi Donates Blankets to Help the Vulnerable in Nepal

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Even in early summer, nights in Nepal can be cold, making it difficult for vulnerable people to stay warm. In response, the Tzu Chi Foundation has donated blankets to help those in need.

In April, the daytime temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius or higher, but the nighttime temperature drops to around 13 degrees. Tzu Chi distributed eco-friendly blankets to vulnerable people. Behind this generosity, there are warm and touching stories.

Help From HECAF

Originally the blankets were to be distributed during the winter. But,  due to complicated customs procedures, they could not reach the intended recipients in time. Fortunately, with the help of the Health, Environment and Climate Action Foundation (HECAF), who played a coordinating role, the blankets were finally delivered to the needy in early summer when the temperature difference between day and night was still significant. This allowed the recipients to enjoy the warmth they needed during the cooler nights.

Tang Kiat Beng (陳吉民), a Tzu Chi volunteer from Malaysia, expressed his gratitude: "There were many challenges to clear customs, and we are grateful to Brother Mahesh Nakarmi, the head of HECAF, who helped Tzu Chi navigate through all the government departments, customs, and social welfare departments."

But Nakarmi himself did not take credit: "I heard that the blankets were sent during the cold weather, but, due to some official procedures, we were delayed in delivering them to the villagers. It took a long time, and we are sorry for that."

Soft Blankets, Recycled Plastic bottles and Warmth

The volunteers arrived at the first location to distribute blankets -- a shelter for mentally ill patients, surrounded by high corrugated iron walls. Tzu Chi volunteers brought care and warmth to them. They also introduced eco-friendly blankets to the shelter's administrator. On learning that the blankets were made from recycled PET bottles, the administrator was impressed. Tang Kiat Beng said: "When she heard about the origin of these blankets, she immediately took them out and admired them." The administrator touched the texture of the blanket and said with a smile: "It's as precious as gold."

The blankets were also delivered to a school for visually impaired children. The children felt the softness of the blankets with their hands; their happy and surprised smiles impressed the volunteers, who were touched by their optimistic attitude. Tang Kiat Beng praised them: "The children in the blind school are really positive."


Distributing Warmth under Bodhi Tree

With the assistance of HECAF in Nepal, Tzu Chi volunteers visited several organizations for the disadvantaged in Kathmandu.

They then flew 400 kilometers southeast to Biratnagar City, Nepal. Under the Bodhi tree in rural areas, the village paths became the venue for volunteer distribution. The volunteers borrowed motorcycles from villagers, checked the distribution list, and personally distributed the blankets. HECAF staff member Harry told the volunteers: "These villagers all come from the lower class of society. They do not have their own land or house and can only rely on hard labor to live."

When volunteers saw an elderly woman with a walking stick, they hurried to greet her and gave her a blanket. Tang Kiat Beng was deeply moved when the villagers received the blankets: "When they received the blankets, they were very, very happy. Perhaps in their lifetime, it was the first time they had received such a gift."

These eco-friendly blankets made of recycled PET bottles not only protect the earth but also bring warmth to impoverished people who previously had to endure cold nights with temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius.


A Jing Si Aphorism says: "Not only should we love people, but also love the earth. When the land is peaceful, people will be peaceful too."


Join Tzu Chi. Let us cherish all living beings in the world.


Story by Da Ai News documentary volunteers, April 12, 2023.

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