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Oct 02nd
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Invest in our planet- Net Zero Green Living

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To mark Earth Day, the Tzu Chi Foundation, Environmental Protection Administration, and Taipei City Government jointly organized the "Invest in Our Earth" event for the fifth year. On April 16th, the Zero Waste Home, Plant-based Traceless Family Day was held at Daan Forest Park in Taipei, to promote the integration of environmental action into daily life.


Investing in the Earth

The 2023 Zero Waste Home, Plant-based Traceless Family Day kicked off with a virtual conference connecting 22 cities and counties across the nation. The event, organized by the three parties, saw the enthusiastic participation of the CEO of Tzu Chi Foundation: Po-Wen Yen, Director General of Environmental Protection Administration: Mr. Tzi-Chin Chang, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City: Mr. Lee Shu-Chuan, and other dignitaries who declared their commitment to investing in our planet.

The event included fun activities such as a carnival, outdoor games, family picnics, and concerts, with each booth promoting environmental education and innovative ideas to help people experience and act towards zero-waste homes. They all helped people understand how to fight this environmental battle.


The Tzu Chi Foundation uses three approaches -- promote health through vegetarianism, reduce plastic waste for environmental protection, and strengthen family bonds. It encourages the public to eat more plant-based meals, reduce use of disposable plastic products, and have zero-waste vegetarian picnics on grasslands. This allows the whole family to enjoy a spiritually and environmentally friendly experience.

Chef Yu Fu-Sheng, a devoted husband and father, realized the impermanence of life after the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and felt a strong desire to help others. He adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and has since encouraged others to do the same, based on his personal experience. He also promotes environmental protection through visits to Tzu Chi's Hualien Jing Si Retreat and his work at a recycling station.


Four Transformation Strategies

Taiwan aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.  It has four important transformation strategies to reach this goal: energy transformation, industrial transformation, lifestyle transformation, and social transformation.

In Taiwan, existing actions include the Environmental Protection Administration's "All People for Net Zero Green Living," Taipei City Government's "Species Protection," and the Tzu Chi Foundation's "Vegetarianism without Trace, Environment without Plastic."

In lifestyle and social advocacy, people can take public transport, reduce energy consumption and the use of disposable plastics, and change eating habits to vegetarianism, to care for the earth. Achieving net zero carbon emissions requires the joint efforts of everyone to create a green environment for the world.


The Tzu Chi Foundation has been conducting carbon audits since last year. It hopes to achieve the goal of using clean energy and sustainable energy savings.

This year, the foundation will complete carbon accounting for ten venues and set a benchmark for emissions. By the end of this year, Tzu Chi Foundation will complete the installation of solar panels on 54 roofs, to promote the use of clean energy and achieve the goal of RE100 -- to use 100% renewable energy for sustainable energy saving, without relying on fossil fuels.

This year marks the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day, and it is urgent to protect the Earth. Let us implement the principles of "vegetarianism with zero waste, environmental protection without plastic, and species conservation" to love the earth together. We can do it.

A Jing Si Aphorism says: “Climate change disasters are already looming, and people's awareness needs to be raised quickly. In our daily lives, every action must be considered in terms of protecting the environment; it is not enough just to have good intentions, we must try to put them into action.”

Join Tzu Chi. Let us make the world a better place.







Story by Ying-Xin Lin from Taipei |2023/04/16


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