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Oct 02nd
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Home Global Activities America To Mark World Earth Day, Tzu Chi USA Holds Carnival

To Mark World Earth Day, Tzu Chi USA Holds Carnival

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Ahead of World Earth Day on April 22nd, Tzu Chi USA held a warm-up event to promote the concept of carbon reduction and loving the earth through a carnival and a one-day farmers' market.


The carnival was held at the Tzu Chi USA headquarters in San Dimas, California. There was an inflatable dinosaur holding a small poster promoting Earth Day with a message of protecting the planet.

Tzu Chi USA CEO, Ms. Debra Boudreaux (曾慈慧), said: "We see our young generation bringing a dinosaur and a parrot in their own creative way to World Earth Day, to remind everyone that every world citizen can contribute their efforts and spread love, gratitude, and respect."

Volunteers invited gardening experts from the farmers' market to teach  methods of organic planting, and many people were eager to try them.

Attendee Shou-San Chen (陳守三) in the farmers’ market found good soil which did not cause environmental pollution. So, whenever Tzu Chi holds such an exhibition, he rushes there to buy it.

Another attendee, Shu-Zhen Huang (黃淑貞), joined a group to discuss gardening and planting flowers; she has learned a lot from it.

In addition to learning how to be a green thumb, it is also important to reduce waste of the Earth's resources. Tzu Chi Youth Group (Tzu Shao) designed games for people to experience this.

Weber Lai, one Tzu Chi youth volunteer, said: "We have four different types of games, each of which helps promote sustainable methods for the earth, making it easy for everyone to play."

A girl enjoyed the game and said: "I pick up litter and throw it into the trash can, so I can save the Earth."

Attendee Li-Juan Wu-Jiang (吳江麗娟) said: "To inspire children to participate, we need to slowly plant the seeds of environmental protection to make them take root."

At the Earth Day carnival, volunteers and citizens learned to coexist with the Earth and put these ideas into practice in their daily lives.

Tzu Chi endeavors to combine education with entertainment to promote sustainable use of the Earth's resources, and uses environmental education as its base.


A Jing Si Aphorism says: "Not only should we love people, but also love the Earth. When the land is peaceful, people will be peaceful too."

Join Tzu Chi. Let us show our love for the Earth through action.


Reporting from Tzu Chi USA by volunteers Lu-Chi Li, Rui-Long,  Xin-Yi Li, and Xiu-Wen Chen.

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