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Oct 02nd
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Home Feature Stories Buddha Day Ceremony Tzu Chi Celebrates Buddha Day in Taiwan and Maya Devi Temple Through Synchronized Ceremony for First Time

Tzu Chi Celebrates Buddha Day in Taiwan and Maya Devi Temple Through Synchronized Ceremony for First Time

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Hualien, Taiwan - Tzu Chi Foundation held its annual Buddha Day Ceremony in Hualien, Taiwan, synchronizing with a ceremony in Nepal, the birthplace of the Buddha, on Sunday, May 14, 2023.


The event held in Hualien Jing Si Hall began early in the morning with 3,000 people in attendance to pay homage to Buddha, their parents, and all sentient beings. Despite the continuous drizzle throughout the event, participants remained pious and focused, creating a solemn atmosphere. With sincere respect, they prayed for peace and harmony in the world.

At the end of the ceremony, Master Cheng Yen gave her blessings, "May a universal Dharma rain moisten and nourish the earth. May the Dharma be clear and refreshing! Let us pray together to dispel ignorance and annoyance, and to bring blessings to humankind."


Buddha Day Ceremony Synchronized with Hualien in Lumbini

Meanwhile, in Lumbini, Nepal, the birthplace of the Buddha, Tzu Chi volunteers from Singapore and Malaysia, along with Nepalese volunteers and guests, held a synchronized Buddha Day Ceremony in front of the Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini. The ceremony was broadcast through a live stream from Hualien.

Overcoming the two hours and fifteen minutes time difference, the volunteers in Nepal prepared and awaited the start of the Buddha Day Ceremony in Hualien under the dim morning light. As the sky gradually brightened, Tzu Chi volunteers followed the flow of the ceremony in Hualien, performing the ritual of "paying respects to the Buddha and receiving the Dharma fragrance." With pure minds and sincere devotion, they paid homage to the Buddhas and expressed gratitude for the wisdom of Buddha's teachings that guide and transform humanity.

Tzu Chi's Buddha Day Ceremony held in front of the Maya Devi Temple carries a simple yet significant ritual. Tzu Chi volunteers make vows to uphold the teachings of Buddha, purify their own hearts, and benefit all sentient beings. With this meaningful start, Tzu Chi aims to improve society and life in Nepal.

The annual Buddha Day Ceremony, which is also celebrated as Tzu Chi Day and Mother's Day, aims to promote peace and harmony while honoring the Buddha and his teachings.


The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode


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" Material objects were meant to be tools for us to use. Yet, lacking wisdom, we are perpetually discontent, and we thus become enslaved by material objects. "
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