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Oct 02nd
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In Praise and Memory of Sheng-Sheng Lin

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Sheng-Sheng Lin (林勝勝) always had a big and warm smile, and worked with Master Cheng Yen, founder of Tzu Chi, for many decades in carrying out Tzu Chi’s work. During construction of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, when the Master most needed help, she gave her so much support. Master praised her: “You are my good disciple.”


Senior Volunteer

On the morning of May 7, 2023, Lin, a senior Tzu Chi volunteer in Taipei, passed away at the age of 80, after nearly 40 years of dedication to the Foundation. Her final wish was to donate her body and serve as a silent mentor for medical education. In the afternoon of the same day, her body was sent back to Tzu Chi University.

On the afternoon of May 21st, a memorial service was conducted at Tzu Chi University to honor her memory. Numerous teachers and students, who were familiar with her, gathered to pay their respects and express their heartfelt appreciation for her invaluable contributions.

Sheng-Sheng possessed a delightful sense of humor, and often shared words of wisdom with great eloquence.

She joined Tzu Chi in 1984 and actively campaigned to raise funds to build the Hualien Hospital.  She invited people to tea gatherings to introduce them to Tzu Chi, learn about Buddhism, and foster community engagement. Through her years of dedication, she inspired neighbors and residents to become Tzu Chi members and volunteers.


Good Disciple

Master Cheng Yen praised her: “She was very wise and had a way to spread the Dharma to her listeners. She took my teachings, which are profound, and put them in everyday language. She helped many people. This was not a simple task! She was a good disciple of mine.

“In this world, we are to keep learning until the time comes. Sheng-sheng was like this. For her entire life, she kept on learning until the time came. She created more blessings than bad deeds. She might have given rise to mundane thoughts -- that was inevitable. Yet, with the Dharma in her heart, she quickly let go of her afflictions and ignorance. She overcame her ignorance. Such was her life. I am comforted by this, and I give her my blessings.”

Big Family

Lin Sheng-Sheng's daughter, Li-Xun Chen (陳麗勳), said: "Thirty years ago, my mother said that everyone in the world is our family. The more love you have, the bigger your family becomes."

In 1984, she joined Tzu Chi. Five years later, she became one of Tzu Chi mothers, providing special care and warmth to students in Tzu Chi schools and making them feel at home while studying away from their families.

"The core values of Tzu Chi, which are sincerity and virtue, are exactly the same as Master Cheng Yen's core values. It is about spreading love through our actions and being a stabilizing force for these children in society, " Sheng-Sheng said in an interview on November 23, 2014.


Gratitude to Sheng-Sheng

Dr. En-Ting Chang (張恩庭), a chest physician at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, expressed gratitude for Tzu Chi moms and dads: "They always provide us with food, clothing, and comfort when we need it, allowing us to study peacefully here at Tzu Chi University."

Dr. Yan-Yu Luo (羅彥宇), Chief of the Neurology Department at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, reminisced about Sheng-Sheng's virtues:  "She never lectured us, but taught us through her actions. When you care for the poor and the sick, you will always bend down and think from their perspective."

In the blink of an eye, over 30 years have passed, and Sheng-Sheng has accompanied numerous children in their growth, becoming a significant figure in their lives. She not only dedicated herself to educational endeavors but also guided many Tzu Chi commissioners.

Tzu Chi volunteer Xiu-Min Gao (高秀敏) expressed gratitude: "Sheng-Sheng's tolerance and kindness can be found in the spirit of Tzu Chi moms and dads."

Live up to Master’s Expectations

Pen-Jung Wang (王本榮), the CEO of Tzu Chi Education, said: "From the establishment of Tzu Chi University, to taking on the role of Tzu Chi mom, to donating her body to medical education at Tzu Chi University after passing away, I believe she has completely lived up to Master Cheng Yen's expectations."

Sheng-Sheng's 80-year journey has come to a close. At the memorial service, teachers and students expressed their heartfelt farewell through a gentle sign language song, conveying their longing for her through their voices. Her spirit of doing Tzu Chi's work will remain in the hearts of people.


Sheng-Sheng's Words

As a senior volunteer, Sheng-Sheng gave young volunteers advice: “The Tzu Chi volunteers in their 50s and 60s are truly excellent. They serve so earnestly, as they take the baton to keep the relay going. Such is the way to step up. We are working to better the world, and it takes everyone. It is important to have a team who can cover all the bases; we each earn a point for being great, and 100 of us means we get 100 points. Tzu Chi is a huge organization, and it is like we are in a relay. During training, we say, the new excels the world; this way, the old will not die out, and the new must thank the old for helping them find their way. Both the new and the old must interact with love to reach their destination.”


A Jing Si Aphorism says: “The value of life lies in taking responsibility for humanity.”

Join Tzu Chi. Let us live up to the value of life.



" To win the hearts of others and always be welcomed, we must be cautious of our tone of voice and facial expression. "
Jing-Si Aphorism