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Oct 02nd
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Rebuilding Hope and Education -- Tzu Chi Impact on Malawi Village

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When Tzu Chi volunteers from South Africa and Malawi entered a village in Malawi, they were warmly welcomed by a large group of joyful villagers on the rolling red soil. Behind them were a feeding nursery and medical station that they had helped to rebuild.


Blantyre, the second-largest city in Malawi, is vulnerable to flooding during severe cyclones due to the rivers which flow through it. In 2019, it was hit by the devastating Cyclone Idai, then Cyclone Anna in 2022 and Cyclone Freddie from February to March 2023.


Care Mission

During a care mission from April 27 to May 2, Tzu Chi volunteers from South Africa, with local volunteers from Malawi, visited the Chigoujiu Villages, nestled in a mountainous region. Among their initiatives was a feeding nursery; it was self-funded and constructed by Tzu Chi Malawi volunteers after Cyclone Anna. Additionally, they assisted the villagers in building a well. The village chief said that this project had not only enhanced the overall quality of life in the entire community but had also had a profound impact on the education of the children. As a result, many local Tzu Chi volunteers have been motivated to take part actively in these important activities.

Feeding Nursery

Inside the Feeding Nursery in Chigoujiu, colorful numbers, English letters, and the Chichewa alphabet grace the pink walls. The nursery follows a weekly schedule of diverse subjects, including knowledge, sports, and cultural courses; they provide a well-rounded education for the children for five half-days each week. Generously, Tzu Chi volunteer Michael from Malawi donated a television, enabling the children to enjoy cartoons. Moreover, during holidays, the television is made available for the villagers to use for a fee. The funds generated from this service contribute to the sustainable operation of the nursery.

Dedicated volunteer teachers in the nursery are giving valuable lessons to the children; they emphasize the use of utensils for eating rather than using their hands. The teachers have taken the initiative to design their own teaching materials, tailored to the needs of the children. Initially designed for 100 children, the school has exceeded its capacity due to the children's growing enthusiasm for learning. The children benefit from free education and are awarded certificates upon graduation. This facilitates their enrolment in local primary schools and opens doors to further educational opportunities.

Gratitude to Tzu Chi

When the school bell rang, more than 300 enthusiastic people, including villagers, children, and volunteers, joined together in song and listened attentively to the presentations.

Chief Javadu said Chigoujiu had been hit by Cyclone Anna in 2022, but that Tzu Chi volunteers in Malawi offered post-disaster aid, raised funds, and built a well. This resulted in better environmental conditions and hygiene for the village. Additionally, Tzu Chi established two dry pit latrines, a kitchen, and a feeding nursery where nutritious porridge is prepared daily for the children. Efforts are underway to raise funds for a medical station in the background. Principal Stone and Tzu Chi volunteers shared their educational goals.

Cultivating Wisdom and Compassion

Tzu Chi Volunteer Heng-Min Zhu from South Africa said: "Our goal is not only to educate children and fill their minds with knowledge but also to cultivate love in their hearts."

The nursery has nine teachers, two of them with certificates. All are volunteers dedicated to early childhood education. They are like the only solar-powered light in Chigoujiu Village, shining like a beacon of hope.


A Jing Si Aphorism says: “Education emphasizes the growth of wisdom and opens the door to compassion; learning emphasizes giving and serving others.”

Join Tzu Chi. Let us make the world a better place.



Story by Heng-Min Zhu, Ya-Qi Yuan, and Daud-Kazembe from Malawi.

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