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Dec 05th
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Valuable Good Seed - Blessings Make Him Better

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Valuable Good Seed
Accept Him Proudly Before Everyone Else
Blessings Make Him Better
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Blessings Make Him Better
Looking back at those years as Qiang was growing up, I never thought of giving up on him or felt too exhausted to continue. Perhaps I’m just like other mothers. When children are born, we have the responsibility to raise them.

Everyone in my family has to face certain difficulties because Qiang is different. Even Qiang’s younger siblings have their burdens and pressures to bear. Even so, they do their best to adjust. It’s hard for them to play with Qiang, yet his younger brother once said, “My brother doesn’t know anything, but I feel safe with him at home.”

The three children are all part of my heart, whether they are smart or not. And they are also my biggest motivation to live.

Ever since Qiang was four, I have never kept him out of special education, because I feel it gives him special stimulation and teaches him things that I can’t. My husband and I often felt a sense of failure from having to teach him the same details over and over.

One day I saw a program on TV about sterility, and I cried. So many couples have to endure so much torment in order to have a baby, but here we would get frustrated over our children’s noise.

I am grateful to have Qiang’s company whenever I do volunteer work. I always take him along, even though it means I have to be constantly on the watch: I have to check his clothes, watch him wash his face and hands, make sure he goes to the washroom, and watch the food he eats. He likes to eat, but being overweight is hard on his heart. Therefore, I always insist that he follow those rules or details that are good for him.

Qiang brings laughter everywhere he goes. The volunteers told me that Qiang has improved so much, and that has helped me learn to appreciate him more.

Qiang is not just a fleck of floating dust, but a seed of goodness. I’m grateful to the volunteers for the love and blessings they give him, and I want to say to him, “Mommy is proud of you!”

By Chen Yi-ling
Translated by Lin Sen-shou