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Oct 05th
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Singapore-blood donation drives

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On March 7, the Singapore Tzu Chi Chapter held a blood donation event at Jurong Medical Centre. Altogether 116 Tzu Chi volunteers came to help, and 226 bags of blood were collected, the highest number since 2007 when Tzu Chi began working with the medical center to hold blood donation drives every three months.

Among the donors was a 41-year-old Indian, Sivaprakasam Velavan. Velavan said that when he was in India, blood drives were often held in a downtown area far from where he lived, so it was inconvenient for him to give blood. After he moved to Singapore, he was eventually able to give blood at a donation event held at his company. That was the only time that he had given blood before he came to this Tzu Chi blood drive. He even promised to come again three months later.

Another blood donor, Mrs. Chen, also said that such regular blood donation activities are truly very convenient for her. She has donated blood regularly since 1993, and every time she had to go all the way to a local blood bank to give blood. Now the regular blood donation drives at the nearby Jurong Medical Centre save her a lot of time and effort. To make even better use of her time, after she receives her number slip, she heads back home to make dinner and then comes back again. She enjoys the convenience the regular events bring, and she is very happy that she can help others this way.

Two foreign workers from Myanmar who had no stable work came to donate blood too. They said that although they were unable to give others monetary aid, they could give blood as a way to help others.

While the blood donors waited for their turns, Tzu Chi collegiate volunteers entertained them with performances of Tzu Chi songs. When they noticed that some of the donors had difficulties understanding the Chinese lyrics, they explained the lyrics in English. Blood donors and volunteers were all filled with joy at being able to find a way to benefit others.
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