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Oct 03rd
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Malaysia-Distribute Scholarships

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Since 1997, Tzu Chi volunteers in Kuala Lumpur have been working on a tuition aid program to help students who have problems paying their school fees. Given the impact of the global financial crisis last year, the volunteers visited twice as many schools last year as they had in previous years to identify students and families in need of monetary aid. The first batch of scholarships was given out last November. This year, from April 1 to 20, volunteers further distributed financial aid to about 4,600 students.
To find all those in need of financial help, volunteers visited students and their families according to lists the schools provided, no matter how difficult it was to reach them. Among them was a student whose address only had a street name and no number. After spending much time and effort, the volunteers finally found out where she lived. When they saw how run-down the student’s house was and the conditions her family lived in, the volunteers felt that their hard work was worth it. They knew that the financial aid they were about to give would truly make a difference in the life of this student and her family.
With the financial aid provided by Tzu Chi, some students were able to continue their schooling. Others, by being able to buy school uniforms and go to school neatly dressed, gained confidence in themselves and no longer cut class simply because they were afraid that their classmates would laugh at their shabby clothes. Some parents were inspired to volunteer for Tzu Chi and even guided their children to do the same. One parent said that she had been doing recycling regularly since her son received monetary aid half a year ago. She always donated the recyclables she collected to Tzu Chi. She considered it a way to repay others for their kindness. Her fourth-grade son once asked her to sell the recyclables and keep the money, but she reminded him that the financial aid they received actually came from the love of many others, so they should do something in return. After that, her son never thought of selling the recyclables and keeping the money, but instead he helped his mother collect recyclables on weekends.

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