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Aug 19th
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Indonesia-volunteers distribution

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Tzu Chi volunteers in Tangerang held a rice distribution for the needy on April 26. The number of people who came for the distribution was not recorded, but 45 volunteers handed out 1,136 bags of rice, each weighing 20 kilograms (44 pounds).

The distribution was held at a lepers  community in Karangsari, Neglasari, Tangerang. Tzu Chi volunteer Hong Ma-ni (洪瑪妮) helped 32-year-old Alimah, who was holding a child, carry her rice home.

Alimah was married and had two daughters, one in second grade and the other just one year old. Alimah's husband, a mini-bus driver with an unstable income, had a minor case of leprosy. Since the money he earned could only cover their regular daily expenses, Alimah had not been able to visit her home in East Java in six years.

At the distribution site, volunteer Urip was busy getting rice to aid recipients. When asked if he was tired from carrying so much rice, he said yes but added with a smile that though hauling the rice was a little tiring, he was more than happy to help out. It was the first time he and his wife, Muniroh, had participated in a Tzu Chi event. Half a year ago, after a difficult delivery, Muniroh gave birth to a baby with a medical condition. Being out of a job at that time, Urip had no money to pay the hospitals bills. A friend referred the couple to Tzu Chi for financial help. Now Urip had found a job, and their life had improved. When he heard that Tzu Chi was holding a rice distribution for the poor, he and Muniroh cheerfully came to help.

The distribution came to an end at noon. After warmly bidding goodbye to one another, volunteers and aid recipients headed back home. Since most residents of the community are indigent, volunteers will continue providing assistance for them.
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" To take good care of ourselves is the way to repay others' kindness. To dedicate ourselves in doing good is the way to express gratitude. "
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