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Sep 25th
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Home Global Activities Africa Lesotho- distributed corn powder

Lesotho- distributed corn powder

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On April 20, Tzu Chi volunteers in Lesotho arrived at Matukeng for a distribution.

After getting everything ready, volunteers and aid recipients sang and danced together. Led by a local social worker, a group of villagers sang and danced to thank the volunteers for their continuous help for the past six months.

The relief distribution started with a prayer and then a speech by the village leader. A volunteer read a letter from Master Cheng Yen, in which she warned of possible future worldwide food shortages and encouraged the villagers to work harder to cultivate their land.

The goods distributed included corn powder, cooking oil, and beans. In all, 199 families, or 800 people, benefited from the distribution.
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" Abide by your principles in everything you do. Never do things just to satisfy others. For rather than satisfying them, you may be in over your head. "
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