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Oct 28th
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Canada - planting trees in Whiteoaks Park

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To help curb global warming, the city government of Mississauga, Ontario, and the Mississauga Tzu Chi School of Humanities joined hands on May 3 to plant trees in Whiteoaks Park. The school hoped to teach students the importance of environmental protection through this activity.

Led by Principal Zhuang Li-ren (莊立仁), teachers, students, and parents arrived at the park, located near the school, at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Eugene Furgiuele of the Recreation and Parks Division explained that Whiteoaks was a revived park. Once a virgin forest, it lost its original look when many trees were cut down to accommodate incoming settlers. To help restore its original appearance, pine and oak seedlings would be planted on this day.

The city government provided 50 seedlings for the day's activity. After officials explained how to plant them, everyone set to work. Although it was raining, no one complained. Some people carried the seedlings, some dug holes, and some planted the seedlings and filled in the holes. Everyone worked hard together to get the job done.

For the students, who grew up in cities, the tree planting was a fresh, new experience. Some girls even screamed when they saw earthworms crawling in the soil.

By 2:50, all 50 trees had been planted. The principal awarded every student with a volunteers  medal. The children's faces shone with delight and happiness.

Венцель попал в неприятную историю, потому что как раз в это время парламент должен был утвердить "Скачать презентаци"законопроект о воинской повинности, а тут пожалуйте!

И кандидат медицинских наук Фридрих Вельфер добросовестно "Книга судеб и перемен"стремился по возможности отсрочить получение звания доктора медицины.

Чиун, услышав от Римо такое оскорбление, принял его близко к сердцу.

Это было вполне логично, чтобы Армбрустер задумался.

Это было особенно мучительно, потому что раненый сомневался, верное "Книги по ремонту телевизоров"ли он выбрал направление.

Индейцы удерут, прежде чем мы нагрянем на них.

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