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Oct 01st
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Jordan - Hospital Visit with Great Love

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Casualties have been mounting since the most recent conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement flared up on December 26, 2008. More than a thousand people have been killed and 4,000 wounded in the Gaza Strip. Residents live without a steady supply of daily necessities, water and electricity, and they are in constant fear that their life may come to an abrupt, violent end.

On January 3, the royal family of neighboring Jordan sent an aircraft to evacuate eight wounded people to a hospital in its capital Amman, including two to the intensive care unit. They were mostly young people injured by collapsing buildings during Israeli air raids.

With special permission from Prince El Hassan bin Talal, Tzu Chi volunteers in Jordan went to the hospital on January 5 to visit those eight patients. It was at the height of winter. Volunteers gave each of them a blanket made from recycled PET bottles, 200 dinars (US$280), and chocolate, which to the local people is the most cherished and precious of gifts.

The humility and concern of the volunteers warmed the hearts of the victims, one of whom broke down and cried as he accepted the money. He could not stop thanking the volunteers. A female patient initially declined the gifts. She only changed her mind and accepted them with a smile when she learned that the presents were provided through the love from Tzu Chi volunteers all over the world. The patients and their families were most grateful to the royal family, the medical staff, and the volunteers.

One family member expressed his surprise at the compassion of the Tzu Chi volunteers, who were total strangers to him and his people. The volunteers replied, “We are all in the same family.”

Prince El Hassan told the volunteers, “Tzu Chi volunteers provide what the injured need the most. On behalf of all Jordanians, I salute Master Cheng Yen and all Tzu Chi volunteers.”

The royal family will continue to accommodate war victims from Gaza, and Tzu Chi volunteers will keep caring for them at the hospital. Let’s all pray for a quick end to the conflict so that all displaced people can return home.

Source: Tzu Chi Quarterly Spring 2009

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